DFB Pokal round 2: SC Freiburg vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-1

Posted: October 20, 2022 by Zouz in 2022-23
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Out but proud

source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️Witters

End of the road for DFB Pokal this season (about time, a 2nd consecutive advance to 16 would put our Pokal tradition at stake 😇). FCSP almost touched the “miracle” (there are no miracles in the Pokal, all bets are off) but eventually left Europa-Park Stadion without the win. There’s a good reason that the term “empty handed” is not used here 🏴‍☠️

A game that we had nothing to lose before kickoff, except maybe some of our pride (was preserved), a game with us as the absolute underdog, no real stress before the match (time before Arminia is already more stressful), everyone on spot, ready for the worst but with a couple of hidden expectations deep inside.

Game on, with the first good moment of the game being ours, an Amenyido shot (outside the box to the right), a little over Atubolu‘s crossbar (4’). Unsurprisingly, SCF took the initiative after the opening minutes but the good news were that they were unable to do anything with it. It was all about circulating the ball but without being able to find the ways to penetrate, their very fist moment of the game was on 30′, a Günter 20m shot just over Vasilj‘s (yes, Pokal protocol regarding 2nd keeper wasn’t applied, maybe because Timo Schultz believes that we don’t have one, even though we had TWO on the bench but this is another story…) crossbar, for some reason corner was awarded. In fact, the first BIG one (colossal actually) was ours (37′). Daschner converged really fast into their box from the right, saw Amenyido coming in, he fed him with the perfect pass but Amenyido‘s finish from point blank range was stopped by Atubolu‘s left leg, AAAAAARRRGHHH!!! No problem, what didn’t happen on 37′ happened on 42’! MAJESTIC fuck up by Schlotterbeck, in the form of the lousiest possible pass to the keeper, something that Daschner took perfect advantage of – he stormed all alone and he had no problem finishing the job in front of Atubolu, shocking the entire (alright, with the exception of the guest block at the opposite side, which went nuts!) stadium and giving a completely different flavor to the game. Half time whistle with FCSP ahead and us in Heavens 😇

JAAAAAAAAAA!!! (source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️Witters)

SCF Coach, Christian Streich, suffled the cards for good in view of the 2nd half with 4 substitutions (including former FCSP Kyereh and Gregoritsch) during half time. Kyereh actually almost killed us with only 20″ in the 2nd half by deflecting the ball after a Doan shot but fortunately ball ended up just over Vasilj‘s crossbar. Nevertheless, still a game resembling the 1st half, hosts in control but not much happening. Some kind of response for us on 55’ with an Amenyido attempt, following an Irvine low cross from the right, from close distance but under heavy pressure which represented no problem for Atubolu. Pressure start decreasing and things started becoming a little more active in the closing 20′ of the match. Big chance out of the blue for SCF on 71′, with a Weißhaupt cross deflecting on Smith‘s legs in an extremely dangerous way before ending up just by our left post, in an agonizing way… Subsequent corner (72’) brought a Höfler header, a couple of meters of the rear post. Still we were ready at any occasion and we managed to handle the pressure without problems until…90′. SCF asked for a penalty (Dzwigala handball) at this point but ref said “play on” and we entered the injury time when the real drama starts. We failed to do what we were doing for the entire game, (keep them away, after all such a thing is not really easy when you play Freiburg away and you’re under pressure) and our box became the theater of everything happening into stoppage time. My strongest memory of yesterday is the agony as soon as ball left Keitel‘s foot on 90+3’, as it was (at least to me) quite clear where the ball was going, Ginter, behind Dzwigala‘s back (completely lost him) executed Vasilj with a header from close distance for the 1-1, putting an end to the fairytale… 2 more minutes of stoppage time, FCSP in absolute panic and almost the 2nd goal for SCF on 90+5′! Corner from the right, Ginter header at the rear post, Vasilj save on the line, rebound shot by Lienhart which deflected on Gregoritsch (not sure but looks it was going out anyway) before going out of bounds. FT 1-1 with things looking really tough in view of overtime…

Into overtime with FCSP under heavy pressure but fortunately nothing big inside our box, aside a Gregoritsch parallel to our posts cross from the left that no SCF player was in place to take advantage of it on 104′. FCSP showed some will to steal the game at the beginning of the 2nd half with a little more forward movement and eventually a Hartel shot, deflected to corner by Atubolu (110′, there was another one shot but not so good by Metcalfe, 111′) but, entering the closing stages of overtime, things returned back to “normal”. Big chance for SCF on 118′, with Vasilj saving Keitel‘s attempt and Final Doom on 119’… Grifo corner from the left, header number one by Ginter to Gregoritsch, header number two by Gregoritsch and 2-1, no way back from this…

That was bitter, alright, still both times (especially the first one, it’s not only the goal, it’s also the panic afterwards that almost costed us a 2nd one) I had the impression that it was coming. Cracking under extreme pressure while facing a superior team is not a crime though. We did our best, we played extremely well for most part of the game, being able to handle situations like these would probably make us a BL squad but we still have some way to go in order to become one 😎 It’s a “very well done” for the squad, despite all bitterness, being able to leave the pitch with the chin up after having been defeated is anything but insignificant, WELL DONE CREW 🏴‍☠️

We could of course go to the game the way Arminia did away vs Stuttgart, save us the extra time and save some strength in view of Saturday. OK, we knew that Arminia is bad but not so bad (there was a small monitor next to the big TV, playing Konferenz), 6-0 and Stuttgart practically spared them in the 2nd. Looks like their mind was to us while preparing for yesterday, they are waiting for us and this match (as almost every one at this stage) is a life-or-death match for them. Being disqualified yesterday wasn’t a step back for us, considering what happened overall, it was actually a step forward. Not winning (avoiding the losing option, don’t even want to think about it) there Saturday evening WILL be a step back and we don’t this to happen at this stage, when we just have started feeling a little more comfortable. Let’s get the rest we can, regroup, go there Saturday evening with the knife between the teeth and get the (must) win, FORZA SANKT PAULI!!! ☠☠☠

Match data (people): https://www.kicker.de/freiburg-gegen-st-pauli-2022-dfb-pokal-4817619/aufstellung

Match data (stats): https://www.kicker.de/freiburg-gegen-st-pauli-2022-dfb-pokal-4817619/spieldaten

Highlights: https://ourmatch.me/19-10-2022-freiburg-vs-st-pauli/

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