Matchday 07: Eintracht Braunschweig – FC Sankt Pauli 0-0

Posted: September 21, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Sankt Pauli is for real. Come get some!

Election day today and we just couldn’t care less. Today’s events start and stop at the game. All the others are just fillers in a day of Sankt Pauli. A little of this , a little of that, and here we are again at our joint (Soridon café/bar), for chit-chat and Sankt Pauli.


Whistle sounds the beginning of the game and Sankt Pauli sets the pace for this one. Lienen’s eleven started the game looking for a quick opener. First minutes and a corner for us. Hornschuh tries for the header but sends the ball out.  On 6’ Maier tries to do the same he did in Duisburg. He attempts a nice shot in front of the opponent box but the ball goes a couple of meters away from the left post. SP seemed really confident in the game, both defensively and offensively. Some attempts from Matuschyk and Sauer had no luck in the connection and our pressure always found the way before BTSV’s box. First serious attempt from us happened on 17’. Maier found Sobota and he shoot nicely. Gikiewicz saved the day there for Braunschweig. The pressure carries on for the rest of the first half. Dudziak on 26’ attempts a distant shot causing trouble to Gikiewicz who starts feeling uncomfortable.  Braunschweig tries but can’t do much. Sankt Pauli is dominant in this first half. All their passes and breaks are clearly cut before they caused any threat and our counters are always a cause for headache. On 40’ Rzatkowski makes our beers boil, when he takes the ball from 17 meters and shoots an exceptional curvy shot. Braunschweig’s keeper though is once again ready and saves BTSV from a certain goal. On 45’ was the first serious attempt from Braunschweig. Sauer to Khelifi and he passes the ball to Berggreen. Shot made but Himellmann is present. No harm done. Whistle blew the end of the half time with a Sankt Pauli dominant and thirsty for the three points.

The second half finds BTSV a bit more aggressive than we expected. A bit closer to our box. Nothing major of course but always dangerous to have them there.  Sobiech sends Holtmann’s ball to a corner and then Sobota clears the response from Berggreen just before the ball crosses the line. SP attacks with Thy this time but his shoot on 55’ is not a threat for BTSV. On 62’ Maier sends a corner ball out of BTSV box. Both teams are mostly fighting over ball domination in the center though. Someone could say that ball possession is 50-50 now. This game though holds another surprise as coach Lienen seems unpleasant with the tie. On 67’ Verhoek take Thy’s place and on 69’ Picault the one of Dudziak. Clearly a more aggressive form with two head players although his game formation doesn’t change. On 74’ Maier sends a high ball to Picault who fails to control it properly and sends it a couple of meters up front. Gikiewicz rushes to secure it and Picault in his attempt to reclaim it receives a yellow. No harm intended here, but the yellow was rightly won. On 77’ Choi enters to Maier’s place and SP tries to set a higher pace. On 85’ Rzatkowksi executes a corner but with no luck at all. Both teams started to cool the engines but a little before the end Himmelmann had to interfere in Braunschweig’s best attempt for goal in the whole game. On 90’ our defense falls asleep and somehow Ademi ends with the ball in his feet and with enough space in front of our box. Himmelmann says no and ends the circle of lost attempts for this game. Whistle blows for the last time and both teams head home with 1 point each.

Damn it, it is good to be feared. Braunschweig played a really closed game because they knew that this Sankt Pauli they were facing was a whole new beast. Dangerous and decisive. Our players are getting this mood and this is something to be happy about. No more partying over 1 point earned after a series of null. We are seeking three points here. No matter what the opponent is. Sankt Pauli proved worthy of it. The first half was clearly ours and if we were a bit more lucky we might have even taken the three points. But anyway who cares. Braunscwheig was the haunted here. We chased them in their own field and it felt like we were the house lords. This is the face we wanna have when we are playing. Aggressive and inspiring fear to the opponents. Let’s do that again this Wednesday against FC Heidenheim in Millerntor. Forza SP.

Line Up:


Hornschuh  Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Alushi Rzatkowski

Sobota  Maier (Choi 77′) Dudziak (Picault 69′)

Thy (Verhoek 67′)

Match goals:


Spectators: 23050 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Picault(1), Verhoek(1)

Match highlights

Further reading:

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