Matchday 10: FC Sankt Pauli – SV Sandhausen 1-3

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South End Scum at Millerntor. The Game – The Trip!


This matchday was fuckin special for just one reason. The Scum went upstate. And by sayin upstate we mean Hamburg baby. Planned this for so long and really couldn’t wait for it. So this match report won’t be the usual style cos’ we got a lot to talk about. Things about the match but a lot more stuff besides the game. Take a deep breath and here we go…


The Game

The first half was a total fucking, utter destruction of anything we have ever witnessed so far from our beloved squad. Just before we even started unfolding our gameplan. On 5’  Rzatkowski makes a terrible pass couple of meters in front of our penalty area. Wooten takes the opportunity and passes to Koceski who shoots and scores. Sankt Pauli though did not freeze and tried to turn the page quickly. But luck was not on our side this time. On 7’ Wooten once more crosses through three of our defensives and passes the ball high to Jovanovic who goes for the header and scores the second one for Sandhausen. A massive slap in the face for everyone who waited this to be an easy game for SP. Sankt Pauli though didn’t lose confidence. The plan was set to a low pass game. Organizing mainly with Rzatkowski and Dudziak, SP tried to break Sandhausen’s defensive line who seemed to be closed back trying to hold this 0-2.  On 22’ Buballa tries a really weak shot that does not cause any threat to Knaller. Sankt Pauli seems determined but the unfertile attempts so far cause irritation. Sobiech on 29’ receives a yellow for improper defense against Wooten. On 30’ a free shot for SVS ends in Himmelmann’s hands. On 32’ a perfect pass to Thy from Rzatkowski but Thy gets caught offside. On 34’ another of the many game stoppages that took place in the game. Sobiech collides with Knaller. A break of 3-4 minutes and game carried on. On 44′ it was Buchtmann’s time for yellow. The game ends practically with Rzatkowski creating a really awesome combination but fails to see it to end just before the whistle blew half time, on 45’. The three minutes of half time had nothing more to give. Half time but our heads high waiting for improvement in the second.

Second half underway and SP seemed determined to change the bad weather. On 48’ Maier tries a solo that ends on shot. Blocked though and sent to corner. On 51’ Dudziak  runs his own solo with the ball but it seems that he runs too much. The ball is blocked. Despite his really good stance during the game he is replaced with Choi on 54’. Coach needs speed and freshness and this get’s obvious with the substitution but also with the game plan as it seems he moves all the players up front and tries to go with the high game. Sandhausen seemed unable to keep pace and threaten but also SP seemed troubled and blocked unable to take advantage of the opportunities given. On 70’ Verhoek walks in to fill in for Rzatkowski and SP keeps the pressure going. At last on 75’ the pressure gives fruits as Choi takes advantage of the corner kick from Buchtmann and sends the ball in, and us going crazy hoping for a turnover in the game. And so it seemed, as the pressure carried on but…Our fucking luck left us with cock in hand as on 77’ the reff whistles for a penalty in favor of SVS. Himmelmann almost saves it but the ball even then hops in the ground and under his hands…Not our day clearly. Choi on 84’ flanks from right and his shot just goes a bit right of the post. And the again another big chance for SP when Verhoek is left alone with the ball before Knaller but fails to shoot it. Maier on his last solo sends the ball a bit away and this pretty much sums up the action of the game.

Ok this would inevitably take place at some point. We always knew we would loose somehow but damn it not this way. I mean SVS had two bright moments in the whole game. And we were sooooo unlucky to have em early and both in our right post really in the corner. And then when we scored and tried to make it even the fucking penalty came as a tombstone. Clearly out of luck in this one. Anyway no need to grieve over a lost game. A bad result is just a bad result. The team is solid and just three points behind Freiburg and Bochum. Need to keep this difference and  shorten it. This will happen with good work in our offensive line which clearly needs improvement. Let’s work that till our next game with Union Berlin on Saturday 17. Plenty of time to get better.

Line Up:


Hornschuh  Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Buchtmann Rzatkowski (Verhoek 70′)

Sobota (Kalla 76′) Maier  Dudziak (Choi 54′)


Match goals:

0:1 Kosecki (5′, Right foot shot, Wooten)

0:2 Jovanovic (7′, Header, Wooten)

1:2 Choi (75′, Left foot shot, Buchtmann)

1:3 Bouhaddouz (77′, Right foot penalty)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Sobiech(1), Dudziak(1), Buchtmann(2)

Choreo & entrance (Athens Club version)

Choreo & entrance (Scum edition)

Match highlights

 Further Reading:


The Trip

How can this be described with words? The warmth of the people of Sankt Pauli combined with the joy of a first trip in Millerntor? One thing is for sure. It is one thing to see it on a projector, and it is a whole  other thing being in there. Day and night I am telling ya.


The first day was the one that packed the most weight. Waking up at 4:00 am and roaming the land since 23:00 and in between having a 3 hour flight and some good miles of walk in the city of Hamburg was a bit too much for our asses. A quick bite at  Kleine Pause, a visit to Fanladen for our tickets and the cooling down at Jolly Roger with drinks and shots would sum up the end of a big day for us.



Second day was the big day. Early wakeup call and Scum gathering at Jolly so we all would march to Millerntor. Beers before the match. Chit chat and hanging our banner to the bars of the stadium, just before the squad walked in. Damn it, Hell’s Bells never sounded so majestic to my ears. What happened during the game can be found above. But what happened after is what made us even more proud to call ourselves Sankt Pauli fans. Us hangin out with Sandhausen fans at Jolly and exchanging shirts. Damn it that’s what I call surreal. Or at least surreal to my reality. The day ended up as the previous one ended. Us at Jolly drinking and chatting with our German friends. The second high moment of the day would definitely have to be  the word flocken. We found in an advertisement on the road and then everyone and everything was ‘’FLOCKEN’’. It actually means flakes but who the f…cares. It sounds like the Greek word for ….flocken. so that’s what it is! hehe The night though just couldn’t end there . We also paid a visit to ‘’THE ROOM’’. It  looked really cool. Been hearing about it for long and now it was time to finally see. Nice place organized by the USP were they hanged out under a cocktail party held the same day and an auction with t-shirts and other goodies (money supposed to go for comrade legal aid) someone could buy.



Greg fuckin' hates selfies....Hahahahaha

Greg fuckin’ hates selfies….Hahahahaha


Knusper Flocken

Knusper Flocken

Aaaaaand Flockeeeen!!

Aaaaaand Flockeeeen!!

The Sunday early ‘’coffee place with wi-fi’’ search proved fruitful and then the lunch time in Backbord with spaghetti proved even more. Even without my absence due to ‘’mid day siesta’’ , the crew managed to walk around the city sightseeing and ending up with me this time at Jolly for the typical cool down. Drinks and shots and the atmosphere couldn’t get more comfy with  Astra beers going down one after the other. I don’t know what people say but I certainly liked that beer.



Ok a day before departure should be dedicated to sightseeing. Not that the others weren’t but this one had the official label as it would be our last chance on this trip. Decided to go by train downtown and see the church of Sankt Nikolaus and the Rathaus. Before that though we had to order a cake for our good friend Alex who’s birthday was on the same day. Hilarious moments in the bakery were no one talked English and I had to take my rusty German off the closet. The result was later in the afternoon when we went to claim the cake to see an FCSP-1312 writing on a blue and white cake….Daaaaaamn !!  Not so bad in taste though. At Jolly chillin and waiting till 00:00 for the cake with Greg and Alexej discussing whiskey and stuff and the rest just hangin out drinking and yada yada..Surprise was awesome and seemed no one noticed the blue-white cake other than Greg. Or it could be that everyone was so kind to surpass the douchebag color and focus on the surprise gesture. Hehe.. Anyway. Once again. Happy B-day Alex.

A fuckin Blue-White cake?? Fuck Blue -White, Enjoy the cake. Happy B-Day Alex

A fuckin Blue-White cake?? Fuck Blue -White, Enjoy the cake. Happy B-Day Alex



The last day was cool enough for us to be hasty. Flight left at about 16:00 so we had time enough to go shopping at Sankt Pauli fanshop and walk around a bit. Meeting with Alex down at the Kiosk and the final goodbyezzzz…See ya next time and stuff like that. Damn it, that was a nice trip.


WC solidarity with Desorganisierte

WC solidarity with Desorganisierte 🙂


20151003_091627 20151005_140146 20151005_142750 20151006_105353 20151006_125744

An awesome trip indeed filled with good people, lots of beer and Sankt Pauli all around. Familiar faces and definitely a whole town moving in antifascist spirit unknown to me so far. Many hails to all the guys in Hamburg, Alex, Hans, Thimo and Tobi, Patrick, Alexej and all the other dudes we met. Till next time amigos!!

  1. Μιχαλης says:

    Πάντα τέτοια! Χαιρετίσματα από Bay Area! Χρόνια Πολλά Αλεξ!

  2. […] the most difficult turn of the 1st round (this and Freiburg), made up for the ground lost vs Sandhausen and Union and now they are looking good quite good, having established their position in the group […]

  3. Alex says:

    But don t wait to long until you come again!!! Thanks for the cake and the nice time again 😉

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