Matchday 15: 1860 München – FC Sankt Pauli 2-0

Posted: November 22, 2015 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Blackout, knockout, heads up!


Shitty Saturday with the Boys in Brown becoming prey for the, always dangerous and this time in dire need, 1860 München and losing 2-0 without even having understood how the fuck this happened…What the Hell, this is football, loss always part of the plan, no damage done, let’s review, regroup, reorganize and kick ass 🙂


Day didn’t look well from the very beginning. Electricity failure in the venue (actually in the entire block) before the game. Finally power up and equipment on but almost nothing working. For the next 45′ a good exercise at disaster recovery 🙂 First, trying to setup the receiver, receiver being up but reporting for no reason antenna problems, making the bloody fucker work and setting up a laptop as soon as we figure out that the receiver system update will NOT be over by kickoff while…offering Helpdesk services by phone to the buddies of the Athens Club who were trying to operate for the first time (succeeded!) their own receiver – charming 😀 Finally, everything worked, game started with the laptop as source and full functionality restored (almost, but that’s too technical 😀 ) at 7′:01″…

…just in time for our first (there were not so many of them actually) chance in the game (8′)! Beautiful combined forward game by FCSP, ball ending up to Thy in the box rightwards, EXCELLENT assist to Sobota, the shot from 10m and the save by Eicher, touching the ball just enough for its course to change and end up bouncing on his right post under the supervision of Kagelmacher who had gained (thanks to Eicher) control of the situation – AAAAAAAHHH!!! FCSP, having taken the initiative at the beginning, had another BIG one on 17′ with Hornschuh making an excellent cross from the right, finding Thy all alone 5m in front of the net but Thy missing target, sending the ball well by Eicher’s right post and wasting our last big chance to get on the driver’s seat… 1860 progressively closed the gap and soon balanced the situation completely, resulting to a lively but still fruitless game for the rest of the half. Nothing more in term of chances except maybe a short period (33′-34′) of 1860 exercising some pressure with a couple of consecutive corners and deflected shots…

Game resumed the same way it stopped, with both squads searching for the key to unlock eachother’s backdoor – the answer was found soon, unfortunately not by us… 1-0 for 1860 on 53′ with a 30m Liendl shot in Himmelmann’s left corner…Bad, bad, BAD group defending for FCSP – Liendl as soon as he got the ball had only empty space everywhere around him and all the time to decide what he would do with the ball…and guess what…before even the charming debate about the goal ends (according to another opinion, it was Himmelmann’s mistake 😮 ), 2-0 on 56′ with another shot, this time by Okotie who scored this time after a pretty pivot move outside the box while being kindly observed by three people in brown…Shit…Deep shit actually as game changed completely form, with FCSP trying desperately to get back in business fast, leaving huge gaps in the back and making a third 1860 goal much more possible than one of ours, if Okotie (68′, 14m shot, saved by Ziereis), Kagelmacher (69′, out!) and Liendl (71′, 16m shot, just over the crossbar) were more careful things could get really nasty yesterday…Nothing happened, game went on and, as it was approaching to its conclusion, started progressively losing pace, nothing big except minor situations with more interesting the 86′ situation, inside 1860’s box with everybody aiming…Ziereis, lying on the ground. Final score 1860 2 FCSP 0, could be better, could be worse.

Okotie 2-0, bye bye :-( (image source:

Okotie 2-0, bye bye 😦 (image source:

A game lost in details. 3′ of defensive blackout were enough to turn to a clear defeat a game that could have been a big victory if we were more lucky and careful earlier in it. This is football boys and girls. Someone could always write things like “1860 won because they wanted the game more than us” and this could sound logical, considering their (very) uncomfortable position in the league table but it’s not true. The Boys in Brown wanted the game and they tried to get it, they just weren’t lucky, focused and good enough in the pitch to do it.  Let’s lift up sleeves a little further  and work a little harder, so that next time the details will be in our favor. This is football, nothing happened, play on 🙂

Next week? FC Νürnberg @ Millerntor – no words, no fuzz, let’s just go and get the job done, LET’S GOOOOOO FCSP!!!

Line Up:


Hornschuh L. Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

 Rzatkowski (Verhoek 73′) Buchtmann

Sobota Choi (Dudziak 61′) Maier (Alushi 61′)


Match goals:

1:0 Liendl (53′, Left foot shot, Okotie)

2:0 Okotie (56′, Right foot shot, Wolf)

Spectators: 30100

Sankt Pauli cards: Sobota(3)

Match highlights

Further reading:


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