Matchday 16: FC Sankt Pauli – 1.FC Nürnberg 0-4

Posted: November 30, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Ok this is difficult. So used in the new Sankt Pauli, it feels kind of hard to swallow the latest results. And if the 2-0 against München was a hard one, the 0-4 against FCN is intolerable. And this was inside Millerntor damn it. Hands down. Witnessing your beloved SP getting humiliated by a team down low in the ranks is a really tough sight to watch. Even if this happens in your own joint, amongst beers and friends. The excitement gave its place to anger and then silence in split seconds. Read below…


First half starts and finds SP having ball control. Maier on 7’ attempts a distant free shot (20 meters) but it is too predictable and Schäfer repels it. Same luck with another shot on 17’. Maier again receives but this time sends the ball high above Schäfer’s post. All of a sudden on 18’ FCN with ball possession and our defense just crashes. FCN changes the ball quickly in a manner they seem to have worked a lot in training, leaving  Füllkrug exposed for shot. He receives before Himellmann and scores leaving everyone wandering what had happened. Sankt Pauli though still had control over the field and tried to turn this. Next corner with Ziereis on 28’. He received the ball but his header went a little too left. On 40’ Sobiech also tries his foot from distance. A nice shot but still not good enough. Couple of meters left from the left post. And then the punishment. A distant pass to Füllkrug, and again he scores having three of our defensives chasing him. 0-2 for FCN and things started to look irreversible. Luckily the final whistle wasn’t far enough.

Second half underway and starts the same way the first one did. Maier in a distant free kick on 48’. His shot predictable, Schäfer sees it and drives it away. On 50’ Hornschuh  opens a nice one to Thy just before FCN’s box. Thy stretches his leg and manages to hit the ball , sending the ball outside the right post. Easy job for Schäfer who seemed really bored back there. On 53’ punishment number 3 for our defence. The trick was played. Füllkrug pretends to pass to Schöpf. Our defence opens up with two defensives on to Schöpf while Füllkrug passes to the free Leibold who scores the third. 0-3 for FC Nürnberg who really had a nice party going on our backs. FCN of course after the third closed back to their box leaving us and our futile efforts raging. Two moments with Thy had the same luck. On 76’after a pass from Sobota, Thy alone sends the ball directly to Schäfer’s hands and then again on 84’ after a pass from Buchtmann , he sends the ball directly to Schäfer’s hands. Number 4 was more than a tombstone. It was a statement that someone feels like sleeping there and needs to see the bench for good. Corner for FCN on 89’. All SP in our box and yet, still Erras manages to receive the ball, shoot and score. The final whistle sounded really liberating. Nightmare was over.

And now the aftermath: all the above, ladies and gentlemen, took place yesterday in our home. Inside Millerntor. Nürnberg marched in there and gave us a hell of a beating. I don’t know, maybe it is me but I think that some guys are taking the matter really light, and I am talking about players now. Maybe there are people in the team who really don’t give a shit. I mean. We got where we got so far for a fucking reason. We are still third in the ranks because we gave a beating to the biggest names in the second league and now that the ‘’difficult’’ games are gone, every underdog will come and kick our ass???? First 1860 München, and then these guys???? Maybe we should call our lads from back in the village to sum up 11 douchebags and march to Millerntor. They might have a chance as well right? Wakey wakey players of Sankt Pauli. Wake the fuck up damn it. Loosing is one thing. But getting humiliated like this is fucking inacceptable. We’re here for good and bad and worse and fucking worst. Maybe the sleepyheads in the team need to see that too. This bump we’re stuck is crucial. It can be the start of a downhill or just two bad results in a row. Up to us to fix this. We’re third damn it. And we’re third because our fuckin balls took us so far. No way back now.On to next Sunday and FC Kaiserslautern. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Hornschuh L. Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Alushi (Gonther 78′) Buchtmann

Kalla (Dudziak 46′) Sobota Maier (Verhoek 72′)


Match goals:

0:1 Füllkrug (18′, Right foot shot, Brecko)

0:2 Füllkrug (43′, Right foot shot, Schöpf)

0:3 Leibold (53′, Left foot shot, Schöpf)

0:4 Erras (89′, Right foot shot, D. Blum)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis(3), Sobota(4)

Match highlights

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