Matchday 17: FC Kaiserslautern – FC Sankt Pauli 1-2

Posted: December 7, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Order Restored

We needed this one. After two bad results, we needed something to lift our spirits from the bottom of the barrel. And the timing was perfect. Almost all of the Scum gathered for this one, along with our honored guests from the Athens Club. A big pack of positive energy summed for it, and under this banner, the match started with victory being the only result my tiny mind could fit.


Match started and everyone wishes for a quick opener. And it so happened. On 2’ Maier’s downhill ends to a corner. The corner gets executed and Nehrig gets the header but hits the upper post, Thy on the rebound again and Löwe in the line tries to repel his header but unfortunately he STEALS the goal from Thy by sending the ball further in. What originally looked like a header from Thy was a nice gift from Mr Chris Löwe. FCK looked for an answer but all the efforts had no luck. SP seemed though to want a second one to secure this first. On 12’ Maier on a free shot with no luck sends the ball 3 meters from Müller’s left post. FCK kept the pressure but all they did was weak attacks and our defensives found no obstacle in repelling them. 32’ was actually the first time Himmelmann had to stretch his arms. Vucur’s header seemed like a threat but Robin made his presence known. No sir. This and that and yada yada.. the next classic one from us was on 37’. Sobota flanks and opens for Maier who chooses not to shoot (man just f…..n do it) and passes on to Thy who fails to control right and ends up wasted. And all that, just 4-5 meters away from Müller. Nothing interesting up till the end of the first half, with most of FCK attacks repelled by Nehrig and Ziereis.

Sankt Pauli 1

Löwe STEALING all the glory from Thy‘s header. Own Goal. Well done mate!

Second half underway and things seem to start from where we left them in the first. Kaiserslautern making those futile attacks to even the score, but unorganized and with no result. On 54’ Przybylko shoots and Himmelmann sends the ball away. Then Halfar receives and passes to Zimmer who shoots again but Himmelmann sends the ball to corner. On 56’ though it was Thy’s second time to shine. After a pass from Buchtmann he fires off a nice shot from 17 meters to where Müller couldn’t be. 0-2 for Sankt Pauli in a very decisive game for us, and Thy seems to be finally doing what he was supposed to. Quick pass in the game with the action starting to rise as FCK wanted to turn the game. Halfar shoots a nice shot on 57’, blocked  by Himmelmann and the same luck had Maier’s shot on the same minute after receiving a pass from Buchtmann who was alone with the keeper and instead of shooting (f…n shoot the goddamn ball man), decided to pass it to Maier. The dull first half seemed to be giving place to the quick pace of the second one. All went well until of course our defence which started as one of the best in the league, but recently tries so hard to prove that wrong. On 67’ Halfar with the ball. He shoots and Ziereis ducks (???????WTF??????) under it leaving Himmelmann exposed. Ball in and 1-2. Quick action to the game now. The ball constantly going up and down the field and one counter follows the other. On 82’ Kwadwo flanks dangerously but once again Himmelmann is there. Minutes full of action followed including the duel between Alushi and Löwe which ended with a yellow card for both. But the next bright moment for SP came in the 2’ of xtra time when Sobota passed to Rzatkowski but he failed to end the game there. Not that we needed it of course cos couple of minutes later the final whistle sounded.

The 1-2 moment when Ziereis decides to ''duck'' on incoming hostile shot. Dude it is not a bomb!

The 1-2 moment when Ziereis decides to ”duck” on incoming hostile shot. Dude it is not a bomb!

A decisive game that held the position of the team well saw its end. We won those three points but this win is more than the three points. It is a psychological boost. It is not the fact that we played the best football out there, cos trust me we didn’t. Our game was sloppy and if we played with a team that knew how to score, believe me now we would be having minus three points and possibly another heavy defeat on our backs. So the psychological boost is not due to performance, but due to result. A big team is the one that takes results and this is what we did in Fritz-Walter Stadion. And of course this is what we should keep doing till the end of this season. Do we need improvement? Hell yes. We definitely need improvement. Defensively,  although we were supposed to be the best defense in the league, it looks like our old self is gaining ground again. Stupid mistakes lead to stupid goals taken and this needs to stop. Offensively we lack of balls and this is something sad to say but it looks like no one in this squad knows how to finish, or what the hell to do with the ball once in front of the opposite keeper. Two classic ones in this match and we fucked both of them up. Let’s face it. In order to have goals, we need to have opportunities, and for that to happen, sometimes we need to shoot first and think later. Yes there are sometimes we need to do that cos right now we’re thinking too much and this doesn’t help. You can’t be tooooo sure some shoot will end up in the nets unless you try it right? Anyway we’re most certain that our coach is working on those things as we speak. In Lienen we trust and since he goes this way, we follow even though some things we don’t understand. Don’t need to know everything after all. Results prove the man right. Next game takes place on Monday the 14th  inside Arminia Bielefeld. Only 3 points acceptable. Let’s go boys in brown. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Hornschuh (Alushi 46′) L. Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Buchtmann Nehrig (Rzatkowski 79′)

Maier (Gonther 69′)  Sobota Kalla


Match goals:

0:1 Löwe (3′, Own Goal, Right foot shot, Thy)

0:2 Thy (56′, Right foot shot, Buchtmann)

1:2 D. Halfar (67′, Left foot shot, Osei Kwadwo)

Spectators: 29352

Sankt Pauli cards: Maier(2), Ziereis(4), Alushi(1)

Match highlights (DIY FCK view, opening goal censored 😀 )

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