Matchday 10: SV Sandhausen – FC St. Pauli 3-0

Posted: October 23, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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The heavy fuckin rain that burst all of a sudden in Athens was a really bad omen for the game that was about to follow. Reaching Soridon I find Zouz outside smoking. After a short talk about his recent raid in Hamburg and a little of this and that, the game started. No one dared to predict the outcome and of course, everyone would be happy with a draw. The way the game unfurled though, wasn’t even listed upon our worst case scenarios.


First half underway and this match is the absolute nothing regarding action. Looking at how SVS unfolded its game it was almost impossible for us to think how this team could threaten us. Not even a single ball from them came close to Himmelmann. On 14’ the first  big chance on Sankt Pauli’s behalf. Kalla opens nicely and Ducksch exchanges with Dudziak. Dudziak takes the ball with a header, behind the SVS defensive line but opens it a bit too much. Knaller blocks it. SP kept on messing with SVS’s defense but nothing special occurred. The thing is that SVS looked totally unable to threaten us. All that of course until 26’. The ball is somehow stuck to our box. A couple of clever passes from Sandhausen. A couple moments of stupidity on our behalf and there we found ourselves chasing the score. 1-0 for SVS with Höler.  Sankt Pauli pushed a bit more but the result was the same. Unlucky passes, unlucky attempts on shot, like the ones from  Sobota  on 28’ and Nehrig on 35’. The first one went way above the nets and the second got blocked from Knaller. And just when we thought we had enough of the first half, there we find ourselves on 45’+1, chasing Pledl who managed to run behind our defensives and score the second goal for SVS.

Early player substitutions for Sankt Pauli. Second half underway and Picault takes the place of Rosin. Other than that, things remained the same. Sankt Pauli pushing the ball to SVS’s box lacking of course the ability to threaten and SVS being nowhere in the game. Nowhere in the field I would dare to say. And yet, the first real chance of the second half belonged to them.  59’ and Wooten is left alone with the ball. He shoots but luckily for us Himmelmann is there to save the day. A game of opposites. Despite the fact that we had the ball possession, we were the ones to threaten the least in the entire game. SVS though, were the dangerous ones here. 3 times before the nets and 2 of them ended up with a goal. This is what happened on 72’. Wooten before Himmelmann, slides through Buballa and boom. 3-0 for Sandhausen and it looked like the game had no future for us there. Even the loud voices from the SP fans stopped. This was humiliation. On 81’ came the first decent effort from SP. Ducksch shoots from 11 meters but Klingmann repels it just before it crossed the line. Miyaichi on the rebound shoots again but his shot gets repelled by Knaller. Couple of minutes  later the final whistle blows and the tragedy sees its end.

Many things will cross each ones lips right now and most of them would be about how the team would look better and what should be done and yada yada. Point is… No one is coach here. The team already has one. And he is left with not many options. The middle suffered a major blow early in the year and Lienen tries to find the best way to close the gap. That along with our players suffering injuries made it really hard for him to have a solid 11. This goes of course to the ones rushing to blame it all on the coach. Fuck off and shut up. We don’t need such shit right now. Ewald is beyond doubt our man and no one messes with the guy. Of course today’s disgraceful view of the team was mostly on the players. Sandhausen was a team , nowhwere to be seen in the field. We dominated the spaces and yet… Achieved nothing. Even worse… We didn’t even threaten them at all. Actually if we take away the final moment and an early attempt of Dudziak on the first, we made Knaller’s job really, really easy. No time for nagging though. This is the time to hug the team and prove once more that we are together as one through thick or thin. Our next game is this Tuesday (25/10) against Hertha BSC for the DFB Pokal, and then the following Monday, on the 31st, we have to face FC Nürnberg in Millerntor. Support , support, support and more support damn it. The only thing we can do right now. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


                Hornschuh L. Sobiech Avevor Kalla (60′ Buballa)

  Buchtmann Nehrig

                   Sobota                              Rosin (46′ Picault)

                  Dudziak (68′ Miyaichi)


Match goals:

1:0 Höler (26′, Left Foot Shot, Pledl)

2:0 Pledl (45′ + 1, Right Foot Shot, Vollmann)

3:0 Wooten (72′, Right Foot Shot, Höler)

Spectators: 6653

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla(3), Nehrig(4)

Match highlights

Further reading:


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