Matchday 13: FC Sankt Pauli – Fortuna Düsseldorf 0-1

Posted: November 21, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Digging up our own grave



Sunday-Matchday and off to the joint for the Game. Clouded day and a clouded game of course. These last games until the break need to be taken all one by one or else we will be in deep shit after. Looks like we want to, but we can’t . Who knows? I mean…Just a look at the first half is more than enough to share the drama. And after spending 4 hours (ok, it might have been 20 minutes but the frustration of not getting it right made it feel longer) along with St.John trying to set the projector in a perfect rectangle perspective for his majesty, Mr Zouzounos to watch without bending his neck at all, the first whistle sounded.


First minutes off the game Fortuna looks kind of wary and pulled back to their box leaving us to take control, but our attacks are sloppy and at the moment don’t seem able to cause a threat. On 12’ Bellinghausen fires off a free shot but Himmelmann is there.  On 21’ we find ourselves extremely lucky when Akpoguma finds Fink with a great pass behind our defense line but the second luckily smashes the crossbar. The rest of this first half went really slow proving everyone that Sankt Pauli suffers an enormous problem in the midfield.  It kind of looked like everyone played his own game there taking the ball, heads down and running to the opponent nets without plan and strategy. Of course Fortuna didn’t do things much better. Mostly attempts on creating an offense but all ended up with no luck. Hopefully for them, what they failed to do, we decided to help them do it. Schmitz opens a nice ball against Himmelmann’s keep and Buballa is first there with his chest, sending the ball into our nets. 0-1 for Fortuna and and we stood damn lucky couple of minutes later on 45’ when Sobottka could have ended the game early  but failed to score a header before empty nets. Nothing more to it. Whistle sends the players to the changing rooms and us to the shrink.

Second half underway and damn it it was time for a change. Sankt Pauli stood higher in this second half risking a lot more but really there was nothing more to do. We had to take the game. On 48’ our first big chance to turn the game.  Buchtmann passes to Bouhaddouz. His shot get’s repelled by Akpoguma to a corner. On 55’ Fortuna is left alone again. They almost score their second goal with Akpoguma, but Sobiech is there before the empty nets and sends the ball to a corner. Our attacks kept coming and going but they were all infertile and, in the end, we looked so damn lost in the game. Causing no threat. On 77’ Bebou shoots against Himmelmann. Robin is there and blocks it. A minute later Fortuna closes in again and this time our former stricker Hennings tries a shot but this time Himmelmann sends the ball to a corner. On 81’ Bouhaddouz has a second chance but his shot is blocked once again. Last chance is in the first minute of xtra time with Choi. He tries something from the side of Fortuna’s box but nothing happens. His ball is cleared. Final whistle to the game.

There’s two kinds of people my friend. Those with solid defenses, clear strategies and fluent game play…. And those who run. We run! This is what Clint Eastwood would say if it was us at Eli Wallach’s place, lying down in “The Good, the Bad and the Uglygraveyard scene. And guess what. It is time we start running. Running to desperately catch as much points we can till the break. It all started ssssssooo beautiful and with the best of omens. In the end we managed to fuck it all up. And what do we do in such times? You guessed right. Standing beside our team and our coach. Fuck previous results and fuck everything. This Saturday we travel to play Heidenheim. We know the drill. Wining is the only option. Let’s do that. Forza Sankt Pauli!

Line Up:


 Hornschuh L. Sobiech  Gonther  Buballa

 Hedenstad (Sahin 64′) Nehrig

  Miyaichi (Choi 46′)                         Sobota (Empen 73′)



Match goals:

0:1 Buballa (36′,  Own goal, Chest, Schmitz)

Spectators: 29546 (normally a sold out but HT empty chairs say otherwise…)

Sankt Pauli cards: Bouhaddouz(1), L. Sobiech(3), Cenk Sahin(3)

Match goal without further comments…


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