Matchday 33: FC Sankt Pauli vs SpVgg Greuther Fürth 1-1

Posted: May 15, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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All for the fun of it now!

Ok, the previous matchday set things straight as far as we were concerned in the Liga. We’re staying for good in die zweite liga, and nothing can change that now. Team showed a whole different face in this second round, making this pre-last matchday really easy. No concern on wining points. Just a lust for good football. Gathering at Soridon drinking beers (coffee for some) and the typical chit chat before the first whistle. A great emotional pre-game moment with Rainer Wulff, the Stadium speaker, who started in September 1986, ending his carreer  after 31 good years of servitude.  Whishing the best for you mate.


Whistle sounded for the first time in the game and the action started really early. Both teams worked their way for a quick opener. Gjasula on 5’ has space in front of him and tries a distant shot. Luckily Sobiech  blocks it. On 13’ Cenk Sahin tries an open shot against Fürth . Too open though as the ball ends up a bit to the outer right post of Megyeri.  Scenery alters rapidly with ball possession going from one side to the other. Steininger on 18’ is left alone. Gießelmann sees him and passes the ball direct. He  takes his time and shoots but luckily his shot is drawn to the far left side of Heerwagen’s post. On 20’ the answer from Aziz Bouhaddouz in a distant shot with no luck. Moments pass by and both teams get closer in opening the score, only it was Fürth’s time to go first. 37’ is the moment. A quick shot from Sontheimer get’s repelled by Sobiech. Ball returns back to Sontheimer who opens for Zulj  and he with the header opens the score for Spvgg. On 45’+1 our big chance of the game to even the score. Bouhaddouz shoots from close distance but Megyeri repels it. The ball is returned to Sobota who loses time by trying to control the ball instead of just shooting it. Chance gone to waste. Corner executed and Sahin receives with the head. Desperate attempt in this last seconds . Header aiming far with no power, causes no threat for Megyeri.

Second half underway and two good chances early in the beginning. First 46’, with Sahin who opens a curve ball in front of Megyeri but no brown/white feet stretched to get it. Then on 47’ Nehrig opens the same ball. This time Möller Daehli sets his foot in place but the ball is repelled to corner. Corner executed in this Spvgg siege and the ball is cleverly left for Buchtmann  who goes for a great shot, just a bit above Megyeri’s upper post. On 52’ Steininger is left alone with the ball in our box. Shoots a bit away from Heerwagen . Danger gone and Sankt Pauli on the counter. 64’ and Sobiech with the ball opens for Bouhaddouz. He shoots a bit clumsy though as he didn’t get a chance to take it to the ground properly. On 70’ Sobiech ends it. Corner for Sankt Pauli. Buchtmann executes and Sobiech did it once again. Higher than everyone and makes the score even. Teams kind of settled back with it. Counter attack to counter attack everything stopped before each others box. On 80’ what started of as a counter attack for us, is somehow blocked and the ball returns back to our box. Luckily Fürth does not work well offensively and sends the ball directly to Heerwagen’s arms.

Ok let’s be honest. One point, three points…No difference AT ALL. We are one match away from the end of the season and we cannot claim anything, even if we won this and the next against VfL Bochum on Sunday. On the other hand we couldn’t go down even if we lost them. So what’s left for us is enjoy a good game, and hope for H$V to fall.  I mean…these bastards just cannot die can they? Taking the tie with Schalke on 90’+2 and as if that wasn’t enough. Schalke scored a goal that got cancelled (looks like a rightful decision though) on 90’+4.Tables in the Bundesliga look something like this.

As you can see those bastards have passed through direct relegation for good. All we can wish for now is them loosing against Wolfsburg. And then playing the barrage game against EBS (worthless fucks, the 6-0 from Arminia speaks for itself, let’s hope that neighbor can do worse), taking for granted that the tables remain the same in the next match day. If that doesn’t happen though and the sons of bitches gain even one point out of it, we have to go with  both Augsburg and Meinz winning or gaining a tie against Hoffenheim and Köln. Point No1 though is HSV losing the three points against Wolfsburg. Fingers Crossed.

Line Up:


Hornschuh   Sobiech  Gonther  Buballa

Nehrig (Flum 87′)  Buchtmann

Sahin         Möller Daehli (Thy 70′)   Sobota (Miyaichi 66′)


Match goals:

0:1 Zulj (37′, Header, Sontheimer)

1:1 L. Sobiech (70′, Header, Buchtmann)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Sahin(10, misses next match), Buchtmann(5, misses next match)

Farewell to Rainer Wulff

Post game Knust festivities 😉


Further reading:


PS: Not to forget ^^

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