Matchday 19: Dynamo Dresden vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-3!

Posted: January 26, 2018 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Attack of the mad pirates

source: © Witters

Back in business after the winter break in pure style, Fuckin’ Hell (especially for Dynamo 😀 ). A really smart and focused (alright, most of the time) FC Sankt Pauli had an excellent and easier than expected (at least by us) evening, inside an anything but friendly environment (anyone who has visited DDV Stadion even once knows ^^) and forced the yellow terrace mob to boo their squad and start leaving long before the final whistle. Too early to start jumping into conclusions about Kauczinski‘s new squad and stuff but certain promises were given in the pitch yesterday evening 🙂


The kind of game that you hope for much but you’re ready for the worst at the same time, especially after the winter break, which can make squads unrecognizable, to the better or to the worse. Moreover, the total “absence of love” between us and them was adding extra significance to an anyway critical match and, combined with the long absence of football from our lives, had made us waiting for this with increased impatience already some days ago. Oh yeah, this would be something, one way or another…

The Boys In Brown did not fail us. After a short opening period belonging to Dresden, we managed to get ourselves on the driver’s seat already on 8′ and what a way to do it! Big distant Zander ball from the right flank towards Dresden‘s box (a couple of meters into it and slightly to the left) where Sobota, without losing time with control and similar stuff, with a magic touch sent the ball to Schubert‘s opposite corner, freezing the entire arena, except the going-wild guest block of course 🙂 The following couple of minutes was pure Hell for Dresden with two more FCSP chances for a 2nd goal. Fast FCSP counter attack on 10′ and the 30m Nehrig shot (he was all alone, he could probably approach a little more before trying) that Schubert managed to save to a corner. Corner executed (11′), first header from Nehrig towards Avevor, whose 6m header went directly on Schubert, making a hero out of him – one of these days Chris will actually score, if this happens in Millerntor, expect such an earthquake that probably the old Millerntor wouldn’t be able to stand it, in terms of stability 😀 This signaled the end of the FCSP outburst, rest of the half was balanced, with the overall balance slightly in favor of Dresden, which nevertheless was unable to penetrate into our box and all their efforts came from distance. A 20+m Konrad shot a couple of meters from Himmelmann‘s left corner (no danger, Robin was there) on 14′, again a Konrad almost 30m shot on 31′, same story but at the other corner, and the most dangerous of all, a Horvath 18m shot on 32′ that forced Himmelmann to an excellent save. HT 0-1 with the Boys in Brown having achieved an early lead and having closed all corridors to Himmelmann, a good stockpile in view of the 2nd half 🙂

0-1, EAT THIS!

Of course nobody expected Dresden to quit the match and they didn’t. Same motif in the beginning of the 2nd half. First moment for them, the usual Konrad distant unlucky shot on 49′, this time easily blocked by Himmelmann and from this point onwards the usual siege but without being able to find a way to penetrate us. Noose tightened after 60′ and at a certain point the feeling of comfort gave its place to nervous moves on the chair and nervous whisky consumption while they were closing in more and more with top moment the situation on 69′, when Sobiech‘s right leg answered Benatelli‘s challenge from the edge of the box, directly facing the net – Himmelmann was right behind but, personally, I’m not really sure that if the ball was passing he could do anything about it. And, right when Dresden had started becoming really dangerous, the 2nd and decisive nail on their coffin hammered on 71′! Another FCSP counter attack, with Zander carrying the ball all the way, stopped only to resume by Bouhaddouz who passed to Sobota, who made a sprint ending to the right flank, parallel to the line, and provided from there the perfect get-it-score-it pass to Neudecker for the 0-2, HELL!!! And the best was yet to come… 81′ in the game, badly executed Dresden free kick and the steal from Sobota who did everything this time, avoiding everyone in his way and executing Schubert from 7m for the 0-3, before he goes to celebrate in style in front of the guest block. The boos and the whistles of the home crowd after the goal? PRICELESS 😀 Have to give credit to Dresden, even after 0-3 they didn’t surrender, they kept trying and they got “rewarded” in the end. First, a good chance on 85′ with Himmelmann at the front corner saving with his legs Röser‘s diagonal shot from the left and then the consolation goal on 88’ by Röser from a similar but more difficult angle than 85′, a goal rather result of a relative FCSP defensive relaxation… Dresden kept trying for the remaining minutes but there was nothing more to give, final score 1-3 and a fruitful evening for the Boys in Brown 🙂

Always a pleasure celebrating in there 🙂 (source: © Witters)

Aside small periods in the game, this was overall a pleasure to watch. A squad feeling sure, with a defense giving very few rights to the opponent, a squad really dangerous in the counter attack (we done something like this during the early stages of the league this season but, for some reason, died along the way), and a squad with a POSSESSED Waldemar Sobota in the pitch 🙂 The early lead of course helped, remains to be seen how this squad can react under different circumstances.

First class chance to find out, Sunday in Millerntor where Darmstadt (suffering from the syndrome that wants squads relegated last year from Bundesliga having a tough time in Liga 2 but always dangerous) is paying us a visit. We’re sending over our man Ernesto for good luck, we hope that some good football will be on menu as well. Life looks good from 8th place but 3 more points could make it look really pink, FORZA SANKT PAULI 🙂

Line Up:


Zander     Sobiech     Avevor    Buballa

     Nehrig (Park 83′)  Dudziak (Flum 72′)

    Sahin     Allagui (Neudecker 67′)   Sobota  


Match goals:

0:1 Sobota (8′, Right Foot Shot, Zander)

0:2 Neudecker (71′, Left Foot Shot, Sobota)

0:3 Sobota (81′, Left Foot Shot)

1:3 Röser (88′, Right Foot Shot, Heise)

Spectators: 28706

Sankt Pauli cards: Dudziak(2)

Match highlights here, Sobota‘s super opener below 🙂


Number 2 by Neudecker


Alright, here’s the 3rd as well 🙂


Further reading:


PS1: Welcome Dimitrios Diamantakos, we really hope that you will adapt and spend a lot of years with us, all the best!

PS2: Watched a lot of Sören Gonther talking to press before and during the game. Regardless of his recovery (get well), there are no YNWAs for this gentleman or people like him, at least by us and not because of his move to Dynamo alone… People feeling uncomfortable with the Totenkopf when in rainbow colors, should also feel uncomfortable with us…

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  2. […] brachte nicht nur drei Punkte mit dem 1-3 nach einer sehenswerten Leistung – siehe dazu, es war zudem auch die richtige Antwort auf diverse Aktionen auf Seiten der Gastgeber bzw. genauer […]

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