Matchday 10: MSV Duisburg vs FC Sankt Pauli 0-1

Posted: October 23, 2018 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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A little more than we deserved 😉 (REVISITED)

Hell yeah! Another tricky escape, this time from Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena, thanks to an Allagui header (!), a minute or so after his entrance in the pitch 🙂 Surreal situation in the table, with FCSP having climbed to the outrageous 3rd place and already voices (ffs, get serious people 😂) about promotion being heard. Scum suggests composure and reminds that the distance until the magic number 40 has been reduced to 21 😎


The Brudenell Social Club. Probably the classiest place in Leeds and home of YSP when conditions (match on British TV, wi-fi doesn’t work really well in there) allow so. Already there some 40′ before the game, getting “warmed up” and thinking possibilities. People soon started arriving, among them a few German visitors from Sheffield that we found out along the way that we share common friends in Hamburg, this FCSP Cosmos is eventually quite small 😎 A quite cozy atmosphere but in a quite busy venue, with a lot of things taking place yesterday. Finally settled down, thirsty for alcohol, hungry for points and ready for some low class football 😆

Game on and first opportunity for FCSP on 9′ with Knoll trying to finish under pressure a well worked attack for FCSP but ball eventually ending up in Mesenhöler‘s grasp. “Response” by MSV on 16′ with a pale Schnellhardt 20m that really can’t be considered as a chance. A game not really intense, with very few things happening in the pitch but almost everything taking place being about FCSP as MSV had taken a quite pathetic role, hoping to steal the game maybe with a counter attack or a divine intervention. A 20+m free kick from Knoll, facing directly the post but with ball ending up a couple of meters over the crossbar on 27′ and a personal Dudziak onslaught on 36′, who managed to dribble everybody in his way before trying the final shot from just within the box that ended to Hell, and a Miyaichi shot on 41′ is all that worth remembering from a first half where mainly crap football was played (not really surprised by that) and FCSP held almost the absolute control of the game. Half time whistle, off for a quick smoke and some booze refueling, in view of a 2nd half that we were all expecting something better, at least from the Boys in Brown.

2nd half underway, no surprises and not much football until 60′ (there was an MSV wasted free kick on 55′) when the first big chance came for FCSP. Buchtmann corner from the left, backwards header by Ziereis and another header, this time by Miyaichi, JUST over the crosbarrrrrrrr!!!! Frozen for a moment, watching Ryo screaming in pain in the pitch and knowing his history but fortunately he came back up without a problem and everybody’s heart got back into place. This time MSV‘s response was a serious one. BIG chance for them on 69’, powerful Wiegel shot outside the right edge of the box that forced Himmelmann to jump and repel the ball at his left corner but ball took a really dangerous orbit and it took Dudziak to come first on the ball, shortly before the line and two incoming FSV guys in order for our ass to be saved here. Another half-chance for FCSP on 79′ with a Veerman (as usual in from 60′ for Diamantakos) left foot volley from an awkward position that ended up wide and then, finally, DOOM for MSV!!! Buchtmann out, Allagui in on 83′ and corner for FCSP immediately afterwards. Corner kick by Knoll and there you have Allagui in the very heart of the box (observed by his opponent with the use of eye contact), jumping all alone and executing MSV with…a header, 0-1 FCSP 84′!!! Decompression for the squad, decompression for the 2000 brown white maniacs in there, decompression at the Brudenell, decompression everywhere where brown white wackos were watching football yesterday 😁 No times and no means for MSV to do anything about it, the only thing happened was another shot by Veerman from the same spot as 79′ that this time deflected to a body on 86′. Full time MSV 0 – FCSP 1, another victory for FCSP, happy days 😎

This looks like a carefree ride at the moment and I already observed the promotion percentages in the social media this morning. There was actually a funny incident along the 2nd half with Andre (one of our German visitors) pointing out that it will take sometime until the next derby at Volksparkstadion. When I replied “c’mon girl, H$V is probably not going up this season”, she replied “H$V may not but we will” 😅. Seriously people, chill out here a little 😄 At least at the stage we currently are, we’re not good enough for promotion. Have seen squads playing much better football than us, yesterday we may won but we had a really hard time doing it, against one of the weaker competitors in the league. Don’t get me wrong, I may not dying for promotion but I consider it a really pleasant nice-to-have thing. I’m just concerned about this promotion talk disorientating the squad with unpleasant results. We have been favored by the occasions so far and, yes, this squad seems to have a way to get what they want, one way or another. However, more needed in order to get in the top-3. Let’s stay cool here, leave the super-optimism aside (can be succeeded by grief really fast) and concentrate to the games one by one…

…starting next Sunday with Holstein Kiel visiting Millerntor. This expected to be a more serious challenge than MSV, let’s get focused in the game, win this, take the number of remaining points until salvation to 18 and then we talk. Everybody behind the squad, leave the promotion talk for now and start clearing your throats for screaming and shouting, let’s live it day by day, it’s actually more passionate this way, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Dudziak    Ziereis    Avevor    Buballa

  Flum    Knoll  

           Miyaichi (Neudecker 63′)    Buchtmann (Allagui 83′)   Möller Daehli 


Match goals:

0:1 Allagui (84′, Header, Knoll)

Spectators:  20130

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis(2), Avevor(1)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


PS: Hail, hail to “BIG” John Verhoek, you’ll never walk alone tall guy 👊🏿☠️


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