Matchday 14: Jahn Regensburg vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-1

Posted: November 27, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Sunday match day against Regensburg. I’d say Sankt Pauli has gotten us a bit spoiled lately. And why not right? We’ve proven to be worthy of the high positions in the ranks. The winning attitude’n’all, so the least we’d expect out of such a game would be to see Sankt Pauli having the upper hand  and why not? Take the three points out of it. Got close enough to the second but seems that our inner demons won’t let us catch a break.


First half underway and it appears that Jahn Regensburg has the first say. Starting off aggressive trying to dictate their pace. But still the first moment in the game belongs to us. Clock shows 6’ and Möller Daehli sends a high lobe-pass to Veerman. He controls the ball with his head and shoots but his shot is kinds weak. Easy job for Pentke  to control. Regensburg’s hope for early ball possession goes to waste after that. Sankt Pauli has the first say with Allagui, Neudecker and Möller Daehli mostly attacking from the right side. Most of their attacks though break into Regensburg’s legs who seemed to know our game and blocked our offensive progressions really early before they got dangerous. On the first nice moment in the game for Jahn. 24’ and the ball ends with Geipl. He shoots untroubled but luckily for us sends it a couple meters far from Himmelmann’s right post. On 31’ Veerman’s header gives Pentke no problem at all blocking it and on 32’ defense leaves Himmelmann exposed once again… Geipl alone with the ball shooting from nine meters. This time he finds his target but Robin says no. Same action for the next 10 minutes. Sankt Pauli showing the pace (mostly), and Jahn Regensburg trying to take advantage of any gaps in our defense provided by us.  On 39’ Sankt Pauli sets of for a new offensive attempt. Allagui passes to Daehli. Veerman makes eye contact and requests the ball.  Daehli sends a nice pass over to Veerman who simply uses his leg to send the ball in the nets. Nothing Pentke could do although it seemed he could control it. Ref whistles half time 6 minutes after that.

Second half on and Sankt Pauli shows teeth, razor sharp early enough. 51’ and Neudecker with the ball trying to flank. His duel with Saller doesn’t work in his favor with the ball being lead out of the line.  Allagui saves it though and sends it back to Buchtmann. He shoots hard but really predictable making it an easy job for Pentke to block. Geipl tries to answer that on 59’ where he is left untroubled to shoot. Lucky for us he sends it a meter away from Himmelmann’s right post. Our defense obviously couldn’t follow our front line’s well being. Mistakes kept hammering us and whenever Regensburg found their way to our box, one or two of their players were constantly unguarded. On 72’ almost the tie goal. Saller runs through our entire left side and confuses our defense. All players on him while Al Ghaddioui  is unguarded. Of course he receives the ball. The entire net area unprotected and all he needed to do was push the ball. He trips and falls. Well done mate! On 82’comes the big chance for us to double our goals. Neudecker to Allagui and he passes to Veerman. He shoots but Pentke is placed well against him and repels the ball saving his nets. What Regensburg failed to do so much, we gladly offered. In a crescendo of defensive bullshit on our behalf, Regensburg ends having a mini siege of our box on 87’. First comes the shoot from Grüttner in Himmelmann’s right post. No one there to send the damn ball away so it ends with Adamyan  whose shots is bravely repelled by Himmelmann and yet still no one is there to send the damn ball away. It ends with Stolze who shoots. Himmelmann rushes to it once again but this time his speed betrays him. Repels it but his body is places towards the nets so the ball ends inside. WELL DONE DEFENSE! Nothing worthy of mentioning in the remaining minutes. Final whistle after 4 minutes of xtra time sends the players to the lockers.

I mean …Yes at the end of the day it is not the end of the world. We are 4th in the ranks just couple of points away from the others but…Man c’mon. Everyone works well and defense is still our black hole. Can’t patch it up for no reason. There are times everything works and there are others were it is like “OK …lets try to do as many bullshit as we can in less than one minute”. I dunno…In the end nobody died right? We’re still top and we need to keep it this way but if we don’t make this right, eventually it will cost us more in the future. Work, work and work. This is the golden rule and let’s hope we follow it next time. Next game is this Saturday against Dresden. A home game which some of our own guys from Soridon will travel up north to attend.  Let’s make it work shall we? FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Dudziak    Ziereis    Avevor    Buballa (Zander 68′)

                                                               Buchtmann (Zehir 81′)


          Möller Daehli (Miyaichi 88′)   Allagui   Neudecker


Match goals:

0:1 Veerman (39′, Right Foot Shot, Möller Daehli)

1:1 Stolze (87′, Right Foot shot, Adamyan)

Spectators:  15210 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis (4), Dudziak (2), Buchtmann (4), Miyaichi (2)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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