Matchday 22: FC Sankt Pauli vs SG Dynamo Dresden 0-0…

Posted: February 15, 2020 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Not even now…

This one is coming from matchday 23, 2014-15, following again a 0-0 at home. Back then things were much worse, being constantly last makes you see things solid black, however after this one we had an amazing comeback that led to an even more amazing happy ending… After yesterday’s one, we are going “with the same conviction” (Luhukay yesterday at the PK) to Volksparkstadion to do something that savior Luhukay hasn’t managed to achieve since he arrived to save us from the man that he couldn’t beat yesterday at home, playing against the last team of the league. An away victory…


The squad we saw in the 1st half was not the usual FCSP. We played them in their half of the pitch for almost the entire half, we hammered them in all possible ways, we lost count of the lost chances (we’ll try to briefly gather them below) but still we failed to score. 9′: the usual Gyökeres personal onslaught and the long dangerous shot, save to corner by Broll. Another lost chance on 12′, with Gyökeres again having his shot blocked to corner in the last moment, in an occasion that  should never count, since Benatelli who passed the ball was half a meter offside. 15′: Miyaichi, passes everyone in front of him, shots from 8-9m but Broll jumps and saves SGD once more. 20′: Veerman, last recipient of a fast developed attempt sends the ball just by Broll‘s right upper corner. Another FCSP counter attack from the left on 25’, Gyökeres against the final recipient, converging into the box from the left, one more save by Broll… 28′: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Gyökeres (again) the shot from the heart of the box, ball deflecting to some SGD guy, taking a triumphant course before Broll, showing superb reflexes here, calls off the goal with an unbelievable save (👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾). 36′: two chances in the same minute from Miyaichi, one tackle and one acute angled shot, both times beaten by, unbeatable yesterday, Broll. Lots of other minor situations in around SGD box while the guests, with the exception of a few counter attacks to take a breath, first appeared in the game with a Schmidt 20m shot that was easily blocked by Himmelmann on 45+2′. 0-0 in the half time but with absolute domination this time and the feeling that, this time, something’s gotta give…

Well, it didn’t. Kauczinski did his homework in the dressing rooms and the vast space we had at our disposal to lose goals ceased to exist. After some 10′ of not much happening, it was SGD that had the first chance, a Schmidt powerful shot that sidenetted Himmelmann‘s left upper post (56’, brrr…). 1st half’s FCSP was nowhere to be found and the first thing to keep from us in this half was a really unlucky Becker shot from the upper right corner of the box on…74′. Like this wasn’t enough, almost the absolute nightmare on 84′ with a penalty awarded to SGD (Zander on Löwe) that was recalled (correctly) a couple of minutes later, phew… Only response to that was a Miyaichi header, a couple of meters wide on 88’…and like last week, after a not good overall 2nd half, the big thriller at the very end of the match… 94′ in the game, a Buchtmann cross from the left that finds out of nowhere the crossbar, ball lands in front of Miyaichi, 2nd (diagonal)  shot banging on Broll‘s left post, 3rd shot by Sobota ends with a pinball in front of the goal that unfortunately leads nowhere. 0-0, yeps, not even Kauczinski‘s SGD

Amazing in terms of support Millerntor yesterday, rallying call (Nord) for the derby next week (source:, ©️ Witters)

If somebody thinks that the time remaining to save this planet is running low, should better have a look at our clock first. It’s not about numbers not adding up, it’s about this squad having a negative momentum, regardless of all the PK same old song and dance every week. Yeah right, tonight we were also unlucky, so what? We were playing for fuckin’ survival against a clearly inferior team (they couldn’t do shit!) which actually defended like FCSP in the first half, we expected luck to save us here? And for anybody taking about a superb 1st half (it was), better have a look at the 2nd…

Having not achieved the two victories-curse before the winter break, and with a new coach having the break at his/her disposal, we would probably by now have covered the lost ground from back then. Break came and gone, the painful truth was revealed on the pitch, board pretends like everything is alright and we’re going to the derby “full of conviction” to achieve vs a H$V playing for promotion, something that we have never achieved (an away victory), having on the steering wheel a coach that has (rightly) lost the dressing rooms a long time ago, a guy unable to inspire and motivate anybody, a sorry figure at the end of the bench…

And you know something? There’s a possibility that we’ll get something at Volksparkstadion, these guys are a better squad but they are fuckin’ idiots at the same time. Does anybody believes that something will really change in Kollau? If a positive result extends Luhukay‘s time (in case of a defeat we can imagine nothing else than resignation/release), this could probably be the tombstone in our 12 years Liga 2 cruise. Only hopes with this guy on the bench, the failures of others and the possibiity of getting something along the road based on the individual player quality that we undisputedly possess.

Everybody behind the squad, good luck and lots of strength to the comrades supporting the team in Dino’s nest nest week, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Coordes for Gyökeres (62′)

Buchtmann for Becker (74′)

Diamantakos for Benatelli (83′)

Match goals:


Spectators: 28980

Sankt Pauli cards: Sobota(3), Benatelli(1)

Match highlights here

Further reading:

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