Matchday 03: 1. FC Kaiserslautern vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-1

Posted: August 7, 2022 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2022-23
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Simply not good enough

source:, ©️Witters

As it reads above, FCSP simply wasn’t up to par with the occasion and paid a fair price for it. First defeat in the league and middle of the table, something of course not really significant at this stage. What’s more significant is that the same weaknesses appear again and again, while some of the questions which arose upon the “cleansing” of the squad haven’t been answered yet. Whatever, it’s still August…

Kickoff with the opening stage rolling in a “to know us better” style. As soon as FCK considered that the proper level of intimacy has been reached, they decided to perform a first reconnaissance visit to our post and they were properly rewarded. 1-0 for them on 9′ with a Boyd header over, half a head shorter, Saliakas, after a situation in which the hosts were proven both faster and smarter (check highlights at the end). FCSP gained the initiative (we had to, right?) but didn’t know what to do with it, a lot of blah blah but no substance. FCK was feeling fine with at and every now and then they were creating situations, with the biggest one being on 19′ when, after an Irvine zeibekiko dance in the very heart of our box following a corner mess, Boyd‘s shot was stopped by Medic in the very last moment. Cooling break came to our salvation, at least it appears so because after it we started to make our presence essentially felt in the other side of the pitch. On 28′, good combination from our left wing brought Daschner in a quite advantageous position inside the FCK box, only to be stopped to corner – execution brought the first real FCSP chance of the game, an Irvine header which ended up just a few centimeters by Luthe‘s far post. There was more on 33’ with Daschner, trying from the edge of the keeper’s box (but almost parallel to the out-of-bounds line) something between shot and cross (looks like the former, judging by the force applied) which unfortunately ended nowhere. And more, with a small siege which ended unfortunately with a clever but unfortunately slightly off target shot by Eggestein (under pressure in the box) on 39′. However, last good moment of the half was for FCK, with a spectacular Wunderlich volley which ended a meter or something over the crossbar.

Having read the paragraph above, you know what this is (source:, ©️Witters)

Game on for the 2nd half with FCSP searching, mostly unsuccessfully for ways to penetrate, we came a little close on 50′ with a Matanovic shot (into the box from the right but with a tough angle) being blocked to a corner by some leg and a little closer on 58′ when the same scene was repeated but with Luthe this time having to interfere at his first post. 20′ of trying to do something and the first COLOSSAL chance of the match belonged to FCK on 65′ with Boyd hitting our right post from 2m (he couldn’t believe it!) after a situation that made our entire left flank looking like a circus, check the highlights to see how Ritter made his way into the box, nothing else needs to be said… We had a couple of moments afterwards, an Amenyido shot wide from the edge of the box on 71′ and our best chance in the game on 74′ with a good fast onslaught having Matanovic as final recipient, he positioned himself directly in front of the net, attempted the finish from some 12m but Luthe was ready and saved the day for FCK. The hosts, who played the counter attack card for the entire game, were eventually awarded on 86′ with a Redondo goal after such a counter attack. FCSP didn’t give up, Luthe was forced to make save copy paste of the 74′ occasion on 88′, only this time it was Zander who made the shot – the subsequent corner (still 88′) brought the consolation goal, a nice direct Medic shot following the execution from Hartel but unfortunately this was the only thing we got out of the game – there was almost no football in the 5′ of stoppage time, furthermore not really sure that we deserved it…

source:, ©️Witters

If we desperately want to keep something positive from today, we could say something about the squad not quitting the game until the very end but we all know that all these are beautification bollox. Problems revealed on day one are still around, you may not see Smarsch bouncing on the defenders but our defense is still a free pass area for anyone interested. Furthermore, not only we have problems finishing situations, we have an even bigger problem creating them, there were periods in the match making you think that we could go around the box and the other guys having a good time inside for eternity. All these do not suggest a team that aspires to be more competitive (“Sporting success, a foundation for our values”, remember? 😅) from the team that was almost dissolved last season. Yeah of course it’s still early, of course team is still work in progress and, yes, we may see even new faces but currently it looks like a stagnated situation. Don’t get us wrong, we will be the last to complain in case team fails to promote, after all this lust for success appears to do more damage than good lately…

One thing is certain, next Sunday we have FCM at home. This is one of the matches that should be considered as a win, all this in theory of course, in real life there’s a gap of 1pt between us. Expecting the squad to appear as the Boss from the very beginning and get what’s ours. Millerntor will help but, squad and crew, you have to help a little too 😇 Forza Sankt Pauli! ☠☠☠

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P.S. FFS, fuck this FCK mob, they were behaving for the entire game like in a Greek stadium, with the ref being on the payroll of the rival president and having arrived to carry out a contract 🤣

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