Matchday 23: FC Sankt Pauli – FSV Frankfurt 3-0!

Posted: February 24, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Unexpectedly marvelous!!!

Completely out of the blue, an almost unrecognizable FCSP squad dismantled the ambitious FSV Frankfurt, playing incredibly (for OUR standards!) effective football, giving no right to the opponent to challenge the situation at any point of the game, and leaving us in the end a) with a huge smile on our faces and b) wandering what the fuck is going on with this incredibly erratic squad 🙂


Friday evening at the venue with the omens looking anything but good… Colossal raindrop during the day having already turned the roads into Labyrinths from Hell, some of us unable even to put wires on the failing-on-the-critical-moment car battery due to weather, others forced to turn back half-way due to the storm and in the end only 2 of us making it there, in a few words, pure fuckin’ Hell 🙂 Predictions not so optimistic taking under consideration the “emergency” squad format (especially on the defense) along with the theoretical capacity of FSV this season, still though a belief to something better, based on the “heroic” performance during Monday’s game

Kick-off with FCSP directly on the offensive and a 20m shot from Funk causing no worries to FSV keeper, Klandt but the first good opportunity was for the guests (one of the few for them actually) with a Verhoek header going over our bar, with Tschauner still in full control. This though, should probably considered as a coincidence since FCSP got actually full control of the game from the beginning, rising progressively the pressure – almost the first one of the night on 12′, after a counter attack from our left flank (incredibly effective!) with Ginczek raiding between the entire FSV defense before aiming the far post raising the entire stadium on its feet! New mess in the FSV box on the very next minute with ball ending up at Buchtmann’s feet, to the left – his attempt though ended just a little wide by the protected corner. Increasing pressure and again continuous scenes of panic in the guest box around 22′-23′, (with the local venue allied forces really impressed and starting to be as loud as us while time was passing by 🙂 ) and finally, REDEMPTION on 28′ with Ginczek, claiming a throw-away clearance ball, earning it with guts and performing the sweetest finish of his FCSP career so far, passing the ball over Klandt (2-3m out of the box, slightly to the left) with a shot that bounced agonizingly bounced before entering the net, JUST by the post!!! FCSP up 1-0, HELL YEAH!!! A slight retreat (why?) after the goal with FCSP still in control and creating some minor situations until the end of a (very entertaining after some time for us) first half!

Moments of relief! (source:

Moments of relief! (source:

2nd half resumed with some slightly worrying signs as FCSP seemed a little settled to the back and FSV seemed gaining a little ground – a Stark long shot just by Tschauni’s left post on 49′ was the only thing they got though, thanks to Daniel Ginczek who finished them of on 52′! Imitating the first goal, got again a get-the-hell-outta-here forward pass beyond the center, crossed half the pitch, having fun with the entire FSV defense, entered the box from the left and EXECUTED Klandt making the score 2-0 and setting the foundations for the victory and his best evening at the Viertel so far! GOAL!!!!!!! Me and St. John MAD, cheering from the “locals” all around the venue, and a football veteran asking “Who the fuck is this guy???” – this is how bloody Fridays should be like!!! No way out of this for our confused guests and FCSP more and more comfortable in the field – new opportunity on 60′ (guess the flank!) with Gogia’s powerful shot being deflected to a corner by Klandt…the same motive for the following 10′, 5 “dead” minutes due to substitutions and the elegant finish on 76′: new counter attack (yes, from the left 🙂 ) by Buchtmann crossing to Ginczek who achieved his third of the night from close range and a slightly doubtful position with things starting looking a little Science Fiction ‘-) The remaining minutes were just procedural as our guests were obviously out of moral and seemed unable to achieve anything while FCSP was resting upon the score. Final whistle, FCSP 3 – FSV 0!!!

The Star of the evening :-) (source:

The Star of the evening 🙂 (source:

This was really a (positive!) shock! Victory seemed more like an expectation than a true option before the game and if you were asking the Scum, “hope for a draw” is what you were going to get… Such a clear and comfortable victory seemed somehow out of reach, but the Boys in Brown made us eat our hats again 🙂 A friend argued today, that this probably has to do at a certain level with the unexpectedly BAD performance of FSV Frankfurt who seemed almost unrecognizable to the team that still holds the 4th place on the league table. Maybe he’s right – anyway we can’t argue seriously on a technical basis, we’re drinking NOT Bundesliga experts! What we do know is that this time, the team not only kept all the goods from last week’s home defeat but had also the missing elements required for a good result: clarity and focus – maybe this, along with Ginczek’s demented performance can partially explain the transformation.

Next week? It’s VfR Aalen, away. A good chance to see if all this wasn’t just a coincidence against a squad that humiliated us at home on September at a game that (sometimes you can find good even in the worst situations) signaled the “release” of AS. Of course, this FCSP squad is different than the September one but still Scholz-Arena is not Millerntor… A match we’re looking really forward to watch, along with a few friends from the Viertel we have here, and all together enjoy a victory that will get us one step closer (who could imagine this a year ago) to the desired target: securing our place in Liga 2 and go to Hamburg on April 1st, just for social purposes 🙂

Match goals:

1:0 Ginczek (28′, Right shot, Assist: Kalla)

2:0 Ginczek (52′, Right shot, Assist: someone 🙂 )

3:0 Ginczek (76′, Right shot, Assist: Buchtmann)

Spectators: 26398

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A (Markus had his day off 🙂 )

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

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  2. Manzi_forever says:

    great support, great choreo, great video = great day
    brown-white regards from Hamburg to Athens

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