Super Friendly: Proodeftiki Toumbas 4 (?) – FC Sankt Pauli 2. Alte Herren 1!!!

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Fuck the World Cup, football the way WE like it 😀

Hells Bells

When, towards the end of May, rumors broke out about an imminent friendly between Proodeftiki Toumbas and some amateur FCSP squad, taking place on June 14th in Salonica, the allusion was direct: “Seems that season is not over yet :-)” – regardless of the guest squad, the identity of the host team was a guarantee for something extra ordinary (had the chance to watch these guys once more almost 2 years ago, details can be found here) and with the perspective of such an occasion, the 500 Km distance to the place, didn’t seem like an obstacle 🙂 When, last Monday the guys from Der Übersteiger (thanks, cheers!) confirmed that FC Sankt Pauli 2. Alter Herren are coming to town, there wasn’t anything to be discussed, all roads were leading to the Triandria Field on Saturday – turned out that this was a really wise decision 🙂

Unfortunately, various problems that occured along the way, turned the planned trip to a “lonely” car ride on Saturday morning however, a coffee pick-up  stop after 50Km (after some worrying signs while driving the car) along with some good rock’n’roll in the car kit, progressively improved the driving conditions at a quite acceptable level 😉

Finally and after a little break in town, to the Triandria Field, home to Proodeftiki, a fine amateur football field (with the exception of the somehow screwed up pitch 😉 ).  Squads already “warming up” (with a little beer aid) into the pitch, a lots of friendly faces already here, slowly but surely filling up the only terrace of the stadium and finally the friends of the St. Pauli Thessaloniki Club arriving at the spot. Hello to the ones already known from…Hamburg (Union Berlin game on March!), introduction to the “new” faces and all of us together with the Proodeftiki fans (actually, a very good number of people on the terrace were fans of both squads 🙂 )

2. Alte Herren warming up ;-)

2. Alte Herren warming up 😉

... and the hosts

… and the hosts!


Thinks started getting really funny when it was found out that there were only about 8 Alte Herren that made it to the place and the gap would be filled by local players/fans. Meanwhile, lots of people have arrived, open kiosks with Proodeftiki and St Pauli Thessaloniki Club gear available, lots of beer also, scenery set up  for a classy afternoon 🙂

Almost forgot, there was no admission price to get inside. Towards the end of the match, a helmet toured the terrace and everybody that could contribute threw whatever he could or wanted to inside – quite indicative of the Proodeftiki (along with the very few clubs that operate alike here) way of doing things 😉

Squad entrance, Hell’s Bells 🙂

It was obvious from the very beginning of the match that the already warmed up with beer brown and white veterans couldn’t stand a serious chance against their much younger rivals but nobody was giving a single fuck about it 😀 Fortunately, shortly after the opening goal from the hosts, the keeper of the brown white squad (a.k.a. “Υποβρύχιος” or “Underwater” in English!) found his shape, sealed the posts and provide the mental boost to our veterans to balance the game. Game was rolling on the terrace with drinking, smoking, having fun, singing all together chants for both squads, with the Proodeftiki fans winning on singing and us winning on smoking – there was even a quite entertaining moment when the speakers announced the opening goal of Colombia vs the Greek national team, in total delight of the crowd present 😉 …and while everything was rolling smooth to the favor of the hosts, 2. Alte Herren managed to equalize the game with a header following a corner kick, after half an hour into the game of so! Delight in the stadium, also for the guest goal, as expected in such a game, 15 more minutes of fun and end of half with the score 1-1 and the 2. Alte Herren guys having already gave almost everything they’ve got (smoking and drinking don’t always help) approaching the terrace and gloryfing the fans while getting glorified by them at the same time 😀

Some 1st half action

In 2nd half things got far more loose 🙂 Some of our veterans just couldn’t run anymore and with 60′ into the game the score had already climbed to 4-1, still with nobody giving a shit about the outcome and actually some of them having lost the score (something that probably applies for FC Sankt Pauli 2. Alter Herren as well, since they posted a final score of 5-1 on their FB page – there may have been some scenes of Apocalypse with goals that shouldn’t be missed BUT I’m 95% that in the end it was only 4 😀 ). Around this point and with most of the guests unable to play anymore and preferring some refreshing beer in the bench and locals called in in aid, game came once again in a state of balance 🙂

It was really funny towards the end of the game with the crowd asking the (slightly mutaded) Alte Herren squad for another goal and actually boooeing big the assistant referee (who was trying really hard not to lough) when he lifted his flag some 15′ before the end to disallow an Alte Herren “forward” (being some 5m offside) from moving furthermore towards the Proodeftiki box 😀 It was clean good fun until the very end with both squads unable to score and people on the terraces having turned to a happy unified crew – friendly ended in chanting, with a score that I STRONGLY BELIEVE that was 4-1 🙂

Full time! (source: FCSP 2. Alte Herren on FB)

Full time! (source: FCSP 2. Alte Herren on FB)

Of course, nobody moved after half time whistle! Chant exchanges between players and fans, big applause from everybody for both hosts and visitors and, even after this was finished, a big part of the local fans remained drinking and singing Proodefiki chants while the Scum ambassador (sic), after stopping and getting a St. Pauli Thessaloniki Club t-shirt (Rocks!) and a Proodeftiki scarf (now proudly hanging on the Playroom!), joined our guests, his Salonica comrades and some other bright examples of the local youth in the big drinking, smoking, sitting circle somewhere in the middle of the pitch, to remain here for some time before everybody moves to the venue. This was bloody worth it in every aspect 🙂

Having fun during the 2nd half

Full time

Full time II (until damn phone got left out of space…)

The final chapter of the evening was written at the Proodefiki haunt a little close by. A very fellow atmosphere, in an excellent place, with everybody having fun, socializing at the entrance, chilling in the big couches in the bar room, having a bite along with some beer in the backyard or even playing a weird version of table tennis, called “Cypriot Table Tennis” (!!!) with everybody holding rackets or anything else that can hit a table tennis ball (like books, small planks, etc – beer is allowed on the other hand) and hitting the ball moving in a circle counter-clockwise around the table like an ancient tribe 🙂 Good chance to meet and have some good and funny talk with people that haven’t the chance to do it with, within the football frenzy earlier. An excellent mix of people including our hosts, our distinguished guests ( 🙂 ), local and FCSP fans plus a lot of good people from the local alternative movements. A big thanks to everybody for the good company, the friendly hospitality and all the good times that hopefully will be repeated soon somewhere 🙂

The main bar beer fridge!

The main bar beer fridge!

The way back home next morning was a completely different story comparing to the rather “difficult”  ride on Saturday 🙂 Head full of pictures and positive emotions from Saturday, a pleasant ride after an experience that worth 1910% the trip, a ride that couldn’t be spoiled even when the bright Summer Sun was suddenly replaced with the worst hail and rain that I’ve probably ever seen in the National Road and visibility limited to around 10m :-). This was really something, especially when we’re talking about the Greek football scene, a scene where unfortunately a lot of things are misinterpreted and regardless unfortunately what anybody says, most of the times in the end, the most appreciated virtue is just winning, no matter how… Looking really forward to something like this in the future and hopefully this time with at least another one to keep me up in the steering wheel 😉


Off the press!!! According to the Proodeftiki match post, final score was 5-1. Still can’t recall the 5th but we will go along 🙂


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