DFB Pokal, Round 1: VfB Lübeck – FC Sankt Pauli 0-3

Posted: August 20, 2016 by AndyChristos in 2016-17
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About time…

A Friday night unlike the others. Ooh yes. Soridon was packed with Scum (sounds bad but in our case couldn’t be more awesome), and our friends from the Athens Club, all waiting to see our beloved Sankt Pauli crush those bastards from VfB Lübeck. (The shit those fuckers pulled at Schweinske cup back on 2012 will not be forgotten.)


First half underway and action from Sankt Pauli early on 8’ when Bouhaddouz fires a header in a corner but the ball goes straight to the keep. Attempts from both sides taking place but nothing fruitful as VfB seemed nothing of a threat with couple of shots completely of target or in Heerwagen’s arms, and Sankt Pauli definitely in charge of the main line but still searching for secure steps to break Lübeck’s defense. Not far from 8’. Specifically on 14’ Dudziak earns a foul, couple of meters away from Lübeck’s nets. On 16’ Hedenstad executes like a pro and sends the ball along with the keeper in the nets, 0-1! St.Pauli seemed ruthless. Sobota on 20’ tries a new shot but gets blocked. Relentless pace from Sankt Pauli. Hedenstad’s goal seemed to give us the boost we needed to finding our flow. Lübeck seemed desperate as our midfielders kept bringing the ball around their box. On 34’ Choi sends a direct pass to Sobota but Lübeck’s keeper slightly manages to save it. On 39’ a sharp cross from Bouhaddouz is blocked once more . Last minutes of the first half gave us the pleasure we were looking for in the start of the season. Sankt Pauli in the field and no other. VfB Lübeck looked like they had played all their good cards and we only had just begun. Half time.

Hedenstad's ball in the nets allong with the goalkeeper.

Hedenstad’s free kick in the nets allong with the goalkeeper.(image source: http://luebeck.sportbuzzer.de)

Second half underway and Sankt Pauli is in total control of the game. First chance on 56’when Hedenstad flanks and opens a nice one directly in the heart of VfB’s defence. Picault jumps with foot extended but slightly misses the ball which ends in Toboll’s hands. On 59’ double foul play. First one is Marheineke’s, who seemed not to enjoy the game so far and decided to lift up his foot and kick Picault to the right shoulder. The second is reff Thomsen’s for his decision to just give a yellow. Dude??  A yellow? That was definitely red card and death penalty. Anyway Fafa got up and no harm done. On 61’ Gonther took back the mistake he did on the previous game. Buchtmann flanks and opens a nice high ball. Gonther is in a perfect position. Header and 0-2! On 78’ another yellow card for the reff please. An obvious Sankt Pauli corner kick is decided to go to Toboll. Despite that, Sankt Pauli is dominant. The game is moved from the center to VfB’s box. We needed another goal. A tombstone. The minute is 85’ and a third yellow card for the reff. Bouhaddouz is inside the VfB box and is illegally brought down by Wehrendt. Even the Stadium seats screamed for a penalty. But No. Mr Thomsen saw no foul play. Dude….Seriously. Not one, not two but three shitty decisions on OBVIOUS occasions plain sighted. OPEN YOUR FUCKIN EYES MAN.Anyway on 88’ Ducksch sets the tombstone in place. Great pass from Choi and the ex-Dortmunder shoots with his right the ball in the nets. 0-3 and the game was already over. Both teams headed to the changing rooms. Sankt Pauli to celebrate and Lübeck to hang themselves with their shoe laces.

Order restored one could say. These guys definitely were no match for us but they had to pay for what they did at Schweinske cup. Their attitude was not acceptable and the boys in brown always speak in the field. A nice hammering for VfB and everyone is happy. Til next time. Leaving Lübeck loosers aside though, the game was a really warm sight to see after the cold shower of the two first games in the season. Let’s hope we’ll carry on this way now against Dresden out, on next Sunday(28th ). Forza SP.

Line Up:


Hedenstad  Ziereis  Gonther Dudziak

Avevor  Buchtmann

Sobota (Cenk Sahin 81′)  Choi

Picault (Miyaichi 72′) Bouhaddouz (Ducksch 88′)

Match goals:

0:1 Hedenstad (16′, Direct free kick, Right foot shot)

0:2 Gonther (61′, Header, Buchtmann)

0:3 Ducksch (88′, Right foot shot, Choi)

Spectators: 13000 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Picault(1), Cenk Sahin(1) 

Match highlights

Ambitious pyro-show, BOLLOCKS in the pitch, next time 😉

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