Matchday 03: Dynamo Dresden – FC Sankt Pauli 1-0

Posted: August 29, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Dangerous downhill


The previous night tsipouro drinking session didn’t help at all. That was for sure. Eyes closed and all of a sudden phone rings and the voice of Saint John: Hey fucker. Get up! Subway down through the stations and then hitting surface with the fucking hot sun burning my bald scull. The only thing that could work in favor, would be the sight of Sankt Pauli crushing Dresden scum. All hopes where with that. Once again Soridon was packed with SouthEndScum and the positive energy was swarming through us all. Sankt Pauli showed a really decisive face in the first round of DFB Pokal punishing the fuckers from Lübeck and we all thought that this was a nice point to turn the page in the season. Nooot!!!


First half and early action from Sankt Pauli on 4’. Nehrig, not far from Dresden nets attempts a sloppy shot and sends the ball some good 6 meters away. On 7’ comes payback from Dresden. Teixeira flanks from right and opens a clever ball to Lambertz who shoots and scores. Goal out of nowhere early and here we are once again to cover our asses. Himmelmann on 13’ saves the day against a shot from Testroet. The game had no middlefield play. The ball was either on SP or on Dresden box. Sankt Pauli tried to even the score on certain occasions but nothing seemed to work. On 20’ was the first water break. On 21’ Dresden comes really close to doubling their goals but thank God for stupidity. Testroet misses an obvious goal opportunity. On 22’ the counter with Buballa.His shot goes a few meters away from Dresden posts. On 32’ it is time for Bouhaddouz to try and even the score. He keeps the ball safe with his body and tries to turn but his shoot is profusely obvious and is driven into corner. Nehrig takes the corner rebound on 34’ and fires off dynamite a few meters away from the post. And this is a phrase we’ll come up with, so many times in this match report. It seems that our players lost their aim cos all our shots kept ending FEW METERS AWAY FROM POST. Anyway on 45’ was our last chance. A cleverly won free kick from Bouhaddouz 25 meters away from Dresden nets. Buchtmann executes and …..that’s right. Ball ends few meters above post. Whistle blew and players sent to the lockers.

Second half underway and the starting 4-2-3-1 changes to the so classic but fruitful 4-4-2. Dudziak (Happy Birthday manito) on 48’ tries a nice shot 20 meters away from Dresden nets but misses. On 54’ a shot from Kreuzer get’s blocked and sent to corner. Teixeira on 55’ takes the rebound but misses. On 60’ Nehrig sends a direct pass to Picault. Picault tries but fails to control properly and losses the ball. On 62’ Bouhaddouz receives the ball in the penalty area but get’s stopped before he got dangerous. It becomes clear that this change of system coach proceeded in early, sending Picault close to Bouhaddouz gave us more options offensive-wise. Up till 69’ we managed to turn the ball possession and it looked as if we could at least even the score. 69’ was the water break. On 76’ during a free shot for SP 25 meters away from Dresden box, the ball hits Kutschke in the elbow and goes out to corner. No penalty whistle as the elbow was only used to protect the face from the coming ball (Reff said….). Corner executed with no luck and Dresden rushes a counter attack. Kutschke is left alone with Himmelmann and for a moment it looked like Dresden would double the score but the GREAT Himmelmann said no. Placed his body cleverly and sent the ball to a  corner. On 81’ Bouhaddouz fires a shot from 15 meters but it is too predictable to threaten. On 83’ Picault rushes for a direct through ball but manages to find no one. With this and that the 90’ were full and 5 minutes of extra time would be played. No luck there also. Sankt Pauli pushed, but damn it we were so unlucky in this game. Final whistle blew and sounded the end of the game.

Ok I don’t know what everyone is thinking but I believe we desperately need a victory. Not even a draw. A plain victory. To turn this downhill and start a momentum because now the team is falling in a breach and it is really easy to find ourselves caught in a situation we won’t be able to turn. We need to work our way through the problems in the middle. Two of our most valuable midfielders are gone. Rzatkowski and Alushi were players who knew how to keep the ball to their feet and how to feed the offensives with great passes. Also another problem is that Sobiech is injured. I am sure that the coach will come up with something clever. Even if this is a system. The 4-4-2 looks great. Our full support is with the team no matter what. Saturday 10/9 is the next game and it is home against Arminia Bielefeld. Going for the kill. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Hornschuh Ziereis (Sahin 46′) Gonther Buballa

 Dudziak Nehrig

Sobota (Picault 46′) Buchtmann Choi (Miyaichi 71′)


Match goals:

1:0 Lambertz (7′ Right foot shot, Teixeira)

Spectators: 29350

Sankt Pauli cards: Hornschuh(1), Choi(1),

Match highlights

Ewald Lienen’s post game interview (German)

Further reading:

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