Matchday 07: FC Union Berlin – FC Sankt Pauli 2-0…

Posted: September 27, 2016 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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For fuck’s sake!



OK, now that all negative energy got out of the system, let’s start over again… Apparently it’s not about winning or losing here and we are probably part of the minority that wasn’t thinking promotion as a target at the beginning of the season, not because it didn’t seem realistic but simply because we don’t care so much about it. It’s not about winning (aah, here we go again 🙂 ) but simply about being the best you can into the pitch and yesterday’s squad was…oh my fuckin’ god*…

* figure of speech 😀


This sounded like trouble long before kickoff. Not only due to the tough “tradition” at the Alte Försterei (with the exception of last year, we don’t usually have pleasant days there) but also to the shape of the squads so far in the season, with Union looking impressively strong and us just trying to balance things after the not so good season start. So, with the bright exception of St.John (“we’ll kick their ass simply because we have to”) the overall feeling was more towards being happy with the draw, a feeling that rapidly increased as soon as we had a look at the starting XI… Of course, predictions and morale are two different things and the mood before the game was top class, thanks to a couple of Scum lowlives, now living at the other end of Greece, who are back in Athens for a week with us, something that was unfortunately about to change soon enough…

Game on with a Fürstner shot way over our crossbar in the opening seconds and a suspicion of chance for FCSP on 8′, with a Sobota 7m shot from an acute angle, under observation of two defenders and with Busk in full control of the situation, that ended up to a sidenetting – mark this one because it’s the closest we ever got to their posts… Doesn’t need to tell that this one was a result of a counter attack, initiative and possession to Union from the very first moments of the game. First serious warning shot, the Trimmel header on 10′, result of an equally fast Union attack, fortunately ended up a couple of meters over Himmelmann’s posts. Unfortunately, there wasn’t another one… Ball steal by Union at the center (big circulation problems for FCSP), fast on the attack with our boys more obeserving than defending, the expected by everyone except the brown white defense, pass from Redondo to Hosiner, at the back of our defensive line, who simply finished the job from 7-8m. We’re usually more optimistic than the average but with this specific XI, with this plan, against this Union, this sounded like the end, already on 12’… Union got the early goal they wanted, relaxed and let the initiative to us… who had no idea what to do with it… Only remarkable FCSP moment,  a tricky Ducksch lob shot (33′), just outside the left side of the box that tried to catch Busk with his pants down but he was ready and sent the ball to a corner over his crossbar. And then…oooh man, I don’t wanna really talk about this, Union 2-0 on 42′ and now all of us knew that this was over… Half time whistle, not a single word about the game, directly to the news of our Scum comrades from the North (hmmm…this doesn’t really look like A SOUTH End Scum anymore 😀 )

The End... (image source: photo: Witters)

The End… (image source: photo: Witters)

Ewald’s attempt to reshuffle the cards by throwing in Bouhaddouz and Nehrig for Avevor and Litka in half time just didn’t pay up. Scenery in the 2nd half was simple: FCSP with the “initiative” able to “threaten” the opponent only with long shots, with Union inflicting terror every time they decided to leave their stretch-at-the-back comfort and tried a counter attack. In this manner, Hosiner wasted a big opportunity on 50′ by missing all alone, in front of Himmelmann, Ducksch fired a 20m shot on 63′ with Busk watching the high trajectory, Sobota sent the ball right into the arms of Busk from 20+m (68′) and Union lost two more, at least good chances to increase the score (double opportunity on 70′ with Redondo and HedlundSkrzybski losing the one-to-one against Robin Himmelmann, who welcomed in relief the ball into his grasp instead of the 7m open space to his sides). Full time Union 2 – FCSP 0 and we should simply be happy with the score…

The official end with 45' delay... (image source: Matthias Kern/Bongarts)

The official end with 45′ delay… (image source: Matthias Kern/Bongarts)


Loss for words here…this was simply indescribable…Nothing really worked, noone really performed, even General Lienen had (imho) one of his unluckiest nights on the brown white bench. A starting XI that not only had a high factor risk (some things never been tried before, at least on the pitch) but was shouting at the same time that we’re here to simply steal the match and it had to go through extreme and doubtful reengineering in case the plan had to change in the middle of the game, something that actually happened, thanks to the complete lack of focus that our boys displayed yesterday. In such cases, unless you’re lucky, you get deterministically fucked and this is the exact reason why I said to myself “we’re dead” already on 12’…

This looks like time for regroupping and it’s really tough luck that the league break doesn’t come immediatelly and we have to take the ride to play Hannover first. I don’t think that there’s a chance to see something like this again there but if we  don’t show our good side, shown only a couple of times in the season so far, it can get equally ugly… So heads up, let’s get to work, go there and get everything we can out of this. Under these circumstances, the best we can could simply be 0. It’s OK, as long as we show a decent face in the pitch, C’MON FCSP!

Line Up:


Hedenstad L. Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

 Avevor (Nehrig 46′) Buchtmann

 Litka (Bouhaddouz 46′) Sobota  Kalla (Sahin 70′)


Match goals:

1:0 Hosiner (12′, Right foot shot, Redondo)

2:0 Redondo (42′, Left foot shot)

Spectators: 22012 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis(2), Sobota(1)

 Match highlights

Nothing found so far, not sure that we wanted to find anything anyway…

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