Matchday 11: FC Sankt Pauli – 1. FC Nürnberg 1-1

Posted: November 1, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Half Empty or Half Full?

This is the dilemma someone would face after seeing the game. Should we be pleased for seeing Sankt Pauli play with passion after all or should we be troubled for seeing Sankt Pauli unable to create a proper offensive or even score in the most obvious occassions? A game full of moments for Sankt Pauli. Definitely not to get bored with. On the contrary. Kept our eye fixed almost every moment of it. But on the same time our problems as a team became more obvious in this match day. A thousand opportunities before the opponent nets and only one ended in. This means a lot. Monday night and Soridon packed with Scum. Positive energy was with the team no doubt. We had to get at least one point tonight.


First half in this game and early action on 2’, when Ducksch after a great pass from Miyaichi shoots  two times against Kirschbaum. The first one is blocked by the defensives  and the rebound is send  couple of meters away from the left post. On 5’, Miyaichi tries a magnificent distant shot, but the ball is blocked by Kirschbaum. On 6’, Buchtmann passes to Ducksch and then the defense sends the ball back to Buchtmann who opens the score for Sankt Pauli.  Then the game is turned. Sankt Pauli kind of falls behind and FCN takes over. On 14’, a  free shot for FCN stays in the wall, and the rebound goes to Matavaz who  sends it a little away from our left post. Buchtmann’s free kick on 17’  is too much of an easy job for Kirschbaum to block. On 20’ one of our many defensive mistakes. Burgstaller escapes from Hedenstad in a corner from FCN and evens the score. On 29’ our series of injuries carries on. Miyaichi who was one of the best so far had to give his place to Litka after his collision  in the air with Leibold. His disorientation after the collision opened the way for Litka and an early game substitution. Damn our luck.  Next 10 minutes was mostly FCN. On 39’, Matavaz exchanges passes with Kempe. His shot though slightly misses our post. On 42’ Sobiech clears off a dangerous flank from FCN. Last word is on us though. 45’+1 and Sobota sends the ball to Ducksch who shoots but sends the ball directly to Kirschbaum. Final whistle.

Second half underway and  here is where we mostly dominated.  50’ and  yet another dangerous mistake in our defense. Himmelmann blocks the ball but collides with Nehrig. FCN tries to take advantage of Himmelmann ’s lousy ball block. Their shot though is driven to a corner. On 58’, a nice ball circulation from FCN in midfield. Leibold’s shot goes away from our post. On 59’ Koglin answers with a lousy shot from real close distance. Above Kirschbaum’s post. Bad luck or lack of time spent shooting the damn thing in the nets..Anyway…On 67’ Sahin shoots hard from 20 meters. Kirschbaum leads the ball to a corner. Sobiech higher than everyone on 68’. He takes  the header and the ball is directed to the nets. Kirschbaum saves the day for FCN and gives us another corner. Besides our lousy shots and our bad luck before Kirschbaum’s awesome performance, we seemed to have ball possession and we seemed to be stalking FCN who seemed unable to keep us behind the mid line.  On 80’ The biggest chance in the entire game. Sahin alone with the ball before Kirschbaum. Everyone is standing up waiting for Sahin to bring salvation. Instead, Sahin  shoots a harmless bullshit that looked more like a tricky pass rather than a shot. Kirschbaum blocks it and we’re left wandering “ WHEN, IF NOT NOW?”. Anyway, on  83’ Petrak on a header. Himmelmann blocks itand on 87’ our last chance in the game. A  free kick from Hedenstad. Nice curve to the ball but ends a little above FCN upper post.

Ok at some point we gotta stop blaming our bad luck. We had our moments in this game when luck turned her back towards us but damn it come on. We had an equal amount of opportunities right before FCN nets and we managed to send them all for garbage. And to think. This was our best game so far. Ok the team has many bad winds against it. Many players injured and of course the lack of a solid mid line is enough to mention. But fuck me… The passion wasn’t even there. We had to spend 10 match days of boredom to see a game filled with passion. Through bad decisions or lousy shots of any sort, the point was that the players wanted the game  more than anything. If we had half of that passion in our previous games, things could be a lot different. Of course our infertility when it comes to ending a moment is a biiig problem. Not to mention our  defense that seems to be making one mistake after the other. Let’s hope that at least we’ll see the same passion against Würzburger Kickers next Monday.

Line Up:


Hedenstad L. Sobiech  Avevor  Koglin (Buballa 66′)

 Nehrig Buchtmann

  Cenk Sahin Sobota (Neudecker 74′) Miyaichi ( Litka 29′)


Match goals:

1:0 Buchtmann (6′, Left foot shot)

1:1 G. Burgstaller (20′, Right foot shot, Matavz)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann(2), Nehrig(5, misses next match), Litka(1)

Match goals


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