Matchday 22: FC Sankt Pauli vs Erzgebirge Aue 1-2

Posted: February 18, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Lost for Words!!!

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It is obvious that the second part of the season hasn’t started as fierce as the first one ended. Bad results and  bad calls in general, defensive and offensive, have led us to yet another defeat in this second round. This time against Erzgebirge Aue who has been our demon needing to be exorcised. 13 games since 2011 and only one victory. The aura was there, the vibes were there but this was just not good enough even though we had an early opener. Didn’t happen this time. Read below…


Early on 2’ Allagui passes to Miyaichi and then gets the ball back to shoot in front of  Männel  but sends the ball way out of his upper post. Nice attempt though showing our determination to nail those three points. On 9’ though came a big example of our defensive incompetence. Ball before Avevor having Iyoha behind him. Avevor fails to react (???????? For Fuck’s sake man!!!!!), although standing in front of the damn ball setting it properly for Iyoha to shoot. Luckily Himmelmann was there to save the day.  One minute later though it’s Möller Daehli with the ball on his feet sending it to Allagui. He passes to Meier who misses it but there stands Buchtmann who shoots and opens the score for Sankt Pauli. Clock shows 11’ and we’re already leading the score. How could we fuck that up? Easy peasy for Sankt Pauli defense. 29’ and Iyoha marches against our box. Ball ends to Hochscheidt who sends a header to our upper post. Our defensives just keep watching (???????)  doing nothing. Ball ends up to Hochscheidt again who shoots another header and evens the score for Aue. On 40’ Himmelmann saves the day once again against a shot from Testroet. Defense just kept watching as Aue offensives kept hammering our box. Luckily for us this was the end of their efforts. Final whistle to this first half one minute after 45’ sends the players to the lockers.

Second half underway and what we hope is to see our beloved Sankt Pauli turn the page and start acting as a team once again. On 48’ though Hochscheidt proves our expectations futile. One-Two with Iyoha , having the confused Avevor in the middle. Finally Hochscheidt decides to shoot from 14 meters and sends the ball to our nets for a second time. On 53’ we try to change the pace. Ball ends to Buchtmann who stands alone against Männel. His shot ends up high above his upper post. Sankt Pauli seemed to gain more ground in the midline battle. We had to take the heat away from our box as our defense seemed totally incompetent of handling anything there. On 70’ a foul executed by Knoll leaves the ball to Sobota’s feet, who shoots but the ball goes slightly away from Männel’s left post. 9 minutes later Schneider tests his foot from 20 meters away. Predictable shot but Männel falls just in case. Ball ends up way far from his right post. On 79’ a chance you cannot miss. Möller Daehli sends a pass to Meier leaving him alone with the ball 5 meters from Männel’s nets. Meier fucks it up completely sending the ball to the sideline instead of nailing it to the nets. On 87’, a corner for Aue leaves our defense with hands down one more time. Even Himmelmann this time. Executed and the ball ends to Testroet. He goes for the header and shoots. Ball ends to Himmelmann’s upper post and then we finally manage to send it away. One minute after 90’ Schneider manages to break into Aue’s defense but his shot was not causing any threat. Last chance in the game belonged to Sankt Pauli . 90’+2 and a foul executed. Confusion in Aue’s box and ball ends with Carstens. He shoots and scores but the ref had already whistled for a foul play of Schneider two clicks before Carstens’ shot. Last whistle on 90’+5 sounded so liberating.

Don’t know what to think, don’t know what to say. We need to get our shit together man. One of the worst defense jams of our time. Nothing worked back there. Everyone looked stunned and unable to follow. And this seemed to affect our offense as well. Despite us leading the game on the second half and despite our countless efforts, we didn’t seem to be able to find our way through to the nets. With three losses in our latest four games, you can’t expect much. The problem is, was and always will be our defense. No doubt about that. I mean…when the midline game works and the heat is taken away from our box everything seems OK. But really if the midline doesn’t work and the call falls to the defense to save the day……Well…You know where I am going with this. Bad calls upon bad calls and defensives constantly fucking up. The worst thing is that what we see is that they don’t know where they should stand during an opposite offense and this is what keeps opening holes to our defense for the opposite side to take advantage off. Anyway… Coach knows better I suppose. Heads down and let’s work on our mistakes shall we? Next game is this Saturday against Ingolstadt. Let’s make it happen this time damn it. Time to start working on our way back to victories. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Zander  (Schneider 72′)   Carstens    Avevor    Buballa

Buchtmann         Knoll

Miyaichi (Neudecker 80′)      Möller Daehli 

Allagui (Sobota 46′)



Match goals:

1:0 Buchtmann (11′, Left Foot Shot, Allagui)

1:1 Hochscheidt (29′, Header)

1:2 Hochscheidt (49′, Left Foot Shot, Iyoha)

Spectators:  29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Avevor(2)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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