Matchday 02: FC Sankt Pauli vs SpVgg Greuther Fürth 1-3

Posted: August 3, 2019 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Do your job (and fast) or fuck off

The raised fist of the Captain, on his way to the hospital (broken fibula, torn ligaments, this is fuckin’ serious) while applauded by the entire Millerntor, is the message that each one of us should clearly listen in view of the new season. Stay strong and support the squad, through thick or thin. All the rest, including a justification for the title, follow below – read on…


Looks like the time to reunite with the Scum crew is approaching. Under these circumstances, a short trip to Manchester, to join the Manchester St. Pauli crew (something that I haven’t done yet in my 2 years in the UK) was considered mandatory.

I can now safely say that the screening was the thing that saved my day yesterday. Around 25 people (including a 6 months infant, a few well known faces from Yorkshire St.Pauli (sadly YSP don’t do screenings anymore) and a dog) gathered inside the, still under construction, 1st floor function room of The Seven Oaks. I was told that this was a relatively small crowd, result probably of the working day, but what I have to say is this: this one was one of the best screenings that I have ever attended, this looked more like a football terrace than a screening! Passionate, noisy (still, the 6 month old FCSP youngster wasn’t annoyed 😁), with occasional FCSP chanting inside, especially before 0-1, fuckin’ Hell in a few words 😁 People listen good, in case you find yourselves at Manchester any football weekend, simply DON’T MISS THIS 😎 Many thanks to the local crew (some of them also known from activities here in the UK and Germany), if I knew what’s happening in there, I would certainly have done this quite earlier 🙂






Technical issues before the match but they were eventually solved, even at the very last moment. By kickoff, a small Millerntor was ready, making noise that was covering the (big) sound system alright, to the game:

Omens were good with the beginning of the game. A LOUD “Aux Armes” exchange after a long time (that’s the way boys and girls, FCSP is and should be above our side differences), a united Millerntor backing a squad that was showing the will for something good from the early stages of the game. Declaration of interest for victory by Conteh on 9′ with a lob from the heart of the box that never became really dangerous and our first good chance with a quick and well thought Diamantakos shot on 12′ that forced Burchert to a dive-and-stretch save and almost demolished the pub 😆 Unfortunately, the promising beginning of the match was about to give way to the impending 20′ nightmare… Probably the worst moment of the season on 17′. The Avevor injury and the 0-1 for SGF immediatelly afterwards by Keita-Ruel who was, at the beginning of the incident, involved in the Avevor inury… To the most serious stuff first, this looks extremely serious, recovery time for the Captain is unknown, everybody’s thoughts are with him, we’re there for you Captain you will never walk alone, get well soon, we will be here waiting. Regarding the injury itself, Keita-Ruel can’t be held responsible here, he made a fair challenge, shit happens, he didn’t go maliciously on Avevor. Now, to what happened immediately afterwads, here we have a big “FUCK OFF” for SGF… The fact that only the referee is resposible to interrupt the game in such occasions is technically correct but there is a big BUT here. Immediately after the tackle, ball was still behind the center and at a certain point next to the out-of-bounds line. They lifted their heads, they saw Avevor suffering on the grass, they had every opportunity to just poke the ball out of limits but they decided instead to play the 11 vs 10, as long as it takes (there was no obvious chance for goal), ignore their colleague lying on the grass and eventually score… FUCK OFF once more, we will recommend you for the fair play trophy at the end of the season… The aftermath of Avevor‘s substitution in the pitch? Complete detuning and loss of any balance at the back. Hornschuh (in for Avevor) can’t be held responsible here, it was about SGF fouding their ways through much easier, any way they were trying to. Gaps in the center, gaps at the flanks, gaps everywhere. A good example the called off (offside) goal by Ernst (29′). VAR came for a 2nd consecutive day to our rescue but wasn’t enough to turn things around in the pitch, the incredible loneliness of Keita-Ruel when he headed for the 0-2 (35′) is self expanatory… No choice for the Boys in Brown but to play all in. Pressure escalation and a BIG chance for FCSP on 43′ with Bednarczyk taking a rebound shot outside the box, slightly to the left, Diamantakos interfering with his heel and (lucky here) Burchert saving at the last moment. Chaos in Millerntor and pub on 45′ with the 1-2 for FCSP by Diamantakos (seems that the boy CAN head as well 😎) who took advantage of the poisonous Miyaichi cross in the best possible way and ignited the place with a bouncing header, there were some temporary concerns about him being injured at the goal but no problem eventually. Refreshed hopes and lots of tension but nothing more (aside a Knoll shot, relelled by Burchert 45+6′) along the course of injury time. FT FCSP 1 – SGF 2 with mixed feelings between the excitement for the game and the concerns regarding Avevor‘s condition.

Diamantakos has just executed Burchert 1-2 (source: source:, ©️ Witters)

The Boys in Brown had no choice but to go full spead ahead and that’s what they did in the beginning of the 2nd half. 47′, free kick from the left by Knoll, deep ball in the heart of the box where Diamantakos (excellent yesterday, μπράβο ρε αγόρι, έτσι θέλουμε να σε βλέπουμε ☺️) put his leg first and sent the ball to smash the fuckin’ crossbar, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! FCSP keeping the pressure and another big one on 53′ with Bednarczyk getting rid of his opponent at the right edge of the box, converging towards the posts, taking the shot but Burchert saved the day with his legs. Burchert‘s lucky legs saved again SGF on 59′, repelling another shot, this time from closer distance but in the other side of the box, this time by Miyaichi, following an excellent cooperation with Diamantakos. Screams of despair all around in the room, only dog and baby (was sleeping) silent… Unfortunately, like in the first half, the opening crescendo couldn’t last for more than 15′, SGF (who had already one good moment, Himmelmann‘s legs had done an equally good job against a Green shot on 58′) managed to regain some form of control and Green (if in the first you don’t succeed… ^ ^) finished the game on 70′ with a rocket, launced (unattended) from 22m that ended in Himmelmann‘s left corner… That was it, was nothing left to give, no real excitement in the last 20’, FT FCSP 1 – SGF 3 with everybody having accepted the facts already before the final whistle…

Still, regardless everything that happened, there was applause 👍🏾 (source:, ©️ Witters)

There were some good things in the pitch as well but the amount of negatives, along with latest loss of Avevor create an emergency situation here. Unlike others, we believed at the beginning of the season that we may cannot promote to Bundesliga (we don’t really care) but we have most of the ingredients that can lead to an at least decent season. This, with FCSP players dropping like flies has changed, 9 (if we count correctly) injured in the list, some of them came to replace others already injured… We also have a habbit here of never criticising player/coach abilities, we’re fans, not analysts, we may say a couple of words when seeing outrageous staff but we had never asked and will never ask for anybody to go…unless they fail the character test. This happened with the Unspeakable lots of years ago, seems that it’s happening again…

None of us was in favor of Kauczinski being sacked, none of us liked Luhukay in the first place. We kept our mouth shut and we watched him doing whatever he feels is better for the squad for more than 4 months. One of the arguments when he got on board was that, aside maybe giving the squad what was required to catch the, lost for his predecessor, train for promotion (this is a joke), he would have more time to study the squad and be better prepared for the built up in view of next season. Well, he had all that time and what did he do last week before the opening game? He started complaining about a lot of things that may be correct but they are at the same time…his responsibility. Even if there’s something wrong with the medical team, is his call to watch what’s happening and give the shout. Furthermore, some of the injuries sound quite strange. Players not able to play more than 15 games per season? What the fuck you were doing all this time? He went on in a derogatory manner for his team, something that probably has cost him the dressing rooms already. Still, regarding the temptation, we kept our mouths shut. Until we read his statement about friendship spirit that should go down the bin, late last Friday…

This is the point where he failed the character test. In a Club like FCSP Mr. Luhukay, Coaches impose themselves to the team based rather on grounds of respect than military discipline. A club that’s famous for approaching football in an alternative way and paying more attention to values than sporting success, CAN’T and WON’T convert the Kollau into a military camp just because this is the way you like to work. Go to fuckin’ EBS when they get rid of the Unspeakable to do it. Don’t approve this? Take your hat and leave…

(NEXT DAY EDIT: FFS, forget that last thing about EBS and the Unspeakable, he’s in Holstein Kiel now!!!)

Since the barriers of character test have fallen, let’s talk a little more football. People that stand for Luhukay argue about his proven record of promoting teams to the Bundesliga and ascribe his failure in his last role at Sheffield Wednesday to a dramatic and unscheduled lack of resources… Lots of others argue that these promotions took place when coaching teams that had heavily invested financially to the promotion bet, something we’re not about to do – last time we did it, almost 20 years ago, we paid a heavy price… And regarding the “bad conditions” at Sheffield Wednesday, we say that these were quite similar with the exact conditions we now face…

The header, the way we see it, should be simply “Fuck off” but we don’t call the shots here. Seems that he will have some time. He will never be loved and appreciated at St. Pauli but he still has time to change his ways for now (if he knows any other way) and maybe save his dignity along the way and part with the Club at some point as friends. We’d like to hope that his U-Turn this week in terms of statements, suggests something like that, let’s wait and see…

Next Sunday is Pokal away vs the VfB Lubeck filth. Normally, this should be an easy afternoon, worrying only about the FCSP fan youth being “naughty” over there. Seems there are much more to worry about, fingers crossed. To brighten the atmosphere a little, Scum venuehopping tour will continue in Glasgow, watching the game with the Brothers of Glasgow St. Pauli, as a side activity to their kick ass anual event to the benefit of the Scottish Refugee Council. Some of you, see you there, to the rest, keep faithful and support FCSP, FORZA SANKT  PAULI!!! 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

Line Up:


Hornschuh for Avevor (20′)

Gyökeres for Bednarczyk (68′)

Buchtmann for Conteh (78′)

Match goals:

0:1 Keita-Ruel (17′, Right foot shot, T. Mohr)

0:2 Keita-Ruel (35′, Header, T. Mohr)

1:2 Diamantakos (45′, Header, Miyaichi)

1:3 Green (70′, Right foot shot, Ernst)

Spectators: 29.546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

Match highlights here (require Adblocker deactivation but not really annoying)

Further reading:


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