Matchday 23: FC Sankt Pauli vs Hannover 96 0-3!!!

Posted: February 22, 2022 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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When NOTHING works!!!

…nothing indeed. Not our defense, neither our game plan, nor our shooting…not even the penalty kick we earned and had a second shot at. Twice we shot and twice we failed. One of these days man….What can you say? Tough pill to swallow but it is what it is…


Early action for Sankt Pauli on 2’ when Kyereh passes cleverly for Hartel and brings him in front of Zieler. Dehm manages to block Hartel’s attempt to pass to the side before Hartel’s pass became dangerous. Kyereh tests his foot against Zieler on 6’ with a distant shot of 17 meters. Hannover’s keeper explodes and repels the shot. We were really feisty early enough but kind of lost as well. We made it in front of Hannover’s box pretty easy but in the end we lacked the class Sankt Pauli got us used to lately. On 19’ Hartel takes his time to shoot. Clever shot but way to high. No problem for Zieler. The pressure in Hannover’s box carries on and on 25’ Kyereh sends of a diagonal pass in front of Hannover’s defense. If only Matanovic was faster there we could’ve had a nice opportunity to open the score. With this and that, and us losing one attempt after the other, Hannover find their way to our box on 38’. Big moment for them on 38’ when Kerk receives the ball in an almost empty net area (Vasilj was way to the other side) but instead of sending to our nets, he sends it directly on to Vasilj who then repels it into a corner. On 40’ and after a corner from Kerk, Kaiser who is left forgotten between our defensives receives the header and opens the score for Hannover. Shock for Sankt Pauli but we also had it coming. Four of our defensives, Kaiser between them and they still didn’t manage to secure the ball. As if this was not enough, on 44’ Dzwigala slips just out of our box and leaves the ball exposed for Teuchert. The striker from Hannover shoots but Vasilj is placed right and repels the shot with his foot.

Second half underway and it looks like our defense left their brains in the locker rooms. On 48’ Medic in an attempt to send the ball away, simply passes it on to Kerk who shoots from distance. Vasilj repels the shot and screams his lungs out to his defense trying to wake em up. On 52’ our bad luck still reigns on our shoulders. Splendid header from Burgstaller close to Zieler’s right post. Zieler somehow makes it on time and saves his nets. Hannover’s response was immediate. Or should we say our defense’s incompetence? 57’ and Vasilj repels a dangerous shot from Beier. Then Medic observes Kerk taking the rebound and sending the ball to our nets for the second time. Our defense looked so miserable. Constantly slipping and always positioned in the worst way possible allowing the opponents to fire shots out of nowhere. Just like on 72’ when Medic in a totally controlled Hannover offense, in an attempt to send the ball away, slips and leaves the ball exposed to Stolze. Nothing Vasilj could do there. Third goal for Hannover and all looked soooo wrong! We couldn’t get the ball to the nets under no circumstance. Not even with a penalty kick. On 77’ Börner brings Kyereh down illegally. Ref points the white dot. On 79’ Guido takes over and executes the penalty. Zieler repels it but the ref points again at the white dot as Hannover‘s keeper moved in front of his line before the whistle. On 81’ Kyereh takes over to execute the second penalty but sends the ball to Zieler’s upper post. Rebound of course goes to waste. Nothing exiting for this second half. Three minutes of extra time and on 90’+2 we almost suffer a fourth goal but luckily Maina’s sot is driven into a corner. Final whistle sounded soooo liberating…

Yep…That didn’t go as planned. Not even close. Haven’t beaten these bastards in Millerntor since 1994 but still. Us being the team we are this year and them being just a tad above relegation…Makes no sense. Millerntor had a record of no loss and it had to be broken by them but…what can you do man? Everyone looked so damn tired. Our front line had no answers, our midline kept losing the ball and made constant mistakes in sending it properly up front and let’s not talk about our defense. Despite the loss, we’re still not far from where we were. 4th in the ranks but only a point away from Bremen who is now first. Nothing more we can do or say for this one! Looking forward to the next game. On Sunday we visit Ingolstadt and we expect nothing more than a nice and bloody ass woopin’ delivered from the Boys in Brown right at Ingolstadt’s ground. Heads in the right place and positive vibes man! We got this! FORZA SANLT PAULI ☠☠☠

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